Monday, November 13, 2006

Theatrical Review - The Lion King

I cried approximately three minutes into this production. I did. No PMS reasoning behind it, I was completely blown away at the three minute mark.

I was instantly transported to my childhood where everything is new and fresh and exciting. I sat completely in awe of everything about this production from the downbeat until the final ovation. At points there was so much going on that my mind could not accept it all... and I wished I were Samantha from "Bewitched" and could freeze time in order to take it all in.

I thought the giraffes were going to do me in until I saw the hippo. I thought the hippo was fabulous until the elephants came up from the audience. I thought the elephants were fabulous until the sun rose over the stage. I thought the sunrise was spectacular until Zazu entered and began flapping about. I thought Zazu was the best until Scar began to speak. I thought Scar was beyond anything until Timon and Pumba arrived on stage.

All in all I was completely entralled and enchanted from beginning to end. If you have not seen this production... run, do not walk to the nearest ticket outlet and find a way to go. Is it pricey? Yes... but it was worth every single penny! If I could find a way to go again... I would be there in a heartbeat.

Run... don't walk... or the hyenas may find you, and then you'll be a goner!

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Sean and Heather said...

Cathy Bell-
You are a little strange, but I have missed your sense of humor. As I have sat reading your blogs from the past week I can hear your voice and see your facial expressions. I do have to admit that I have been moved to tears in a couple of musicals and ballets. I am going to comment on several of your posts in this post. I think it is awesome that you walked your niece through and watched her vote! I was surprised by the outcome in the TN elections (Sean and I watched TV and the computer to get results). The TX results were predictable for the most part. Sean and I cant wait to be home for good in a month. Have a wonderful week!