Friday, December 22, 2006

Single at Christmas

Ho, Ho, Heck!

It is not just me who is tired of being a single white female at Christmastime without the benefit of a significant other, a boyfriend, a fiancee, or a husband. Heck, at this point in my life, I am not even sure he would have to be that significant! But my friend Requelle had an enjoyable time not too long ago, and being in the same single boat that I am in, allows me to empathize with her... feel her pain... and share her story of how much is stinks to be single in this day and age.

A week or so ago, Requelle was at her home, curled up with her two pooches and enjoying a quiet evening. As the night progressed, our heroine found herself in the bathroom and noticed that her toilet was leaking a little bit. It being rather late at night, and knowing it was not a good time to locate a plumber (and not having the aforementioned "handy man" available) Requelle did what any red blooded, sophisticated woman would do... she turned off the water supply and promptly curled herself back up in the recliner and fell asleep (pooches most likely snuggling close by).

She awoke sometime later and knew that she needed to head to bed. Upon entering her bedroom, she heard and felt an unfamiliar squish in her carpet, turned on the lights, focused her keen hearing on an unrecognizable sound and realized immediately that a water pipe had burst.

"What the...?"

Taking the next appropriate steps, she called the water company to find out what she needed to do that this point (other than curse the weak-minded men of the world who have yet to know their life would be so much more complete with her in it) and they told her they essentially didn't have a clue what to do, because apparently water pouring through the bathroom and into your bedroom carpet (and subsequently the subfloor) is not enough to warrant an emergency.


Having given up on the experts at the water company, our heroine pulls out the yellow pages to search for a 24 hour plumber. Two and a half hours later (and about five or six different calls), she finally locates a company whose 24 hour man is currently in Spring Hill, Tennessee... and when you have water pouring through your house in Old Hickory, Spring Hill is an equivalent distance as oh, say, Baghdad. Said plumber arrives at about 3:30 a.m. and lectures our heroine about water pressure and how surprised he is that this had not occurred before.

Thankfully, 'tis the season for niceness and his cost was only about $200 for helping out our heroine who realized that her Knight in Shining Armor is still traipsing around the Scottish lochs somewhere fighting off the dragons that have kept him away from her.

Our Knight needs a GPS system with the appropriate coordinates.


mary said...

Sorry to burst the bubble, but having the male counterpart during such times is no guarantee that problems like these will be handled any differently. At our house it simply means someone to get more aggrevated than I am. During these times, I am not allowed to ask questions or be funny in the least. If children are present they must be kept away at all cost. If he hurts himself in the effort to fix the problem himself, I am not allowed to know how it happened and I am required to read his mind in any help I can offer. However, if I have any computer issues...the man is a hero indeed.

Cbell said...

yes... by Mary, my friend... you still get to get your groove on.

'Nuff said.