Tuesday, January 30, 2007

It was the best of times... it was the worst of times...

January 29 is a special day in the family. Our Matriarch was born on this day and we spent the weekend laughing and enjoying ourselves and honoring our mother. My aunt made a special trip out for a visit and we spent Saturday shopping the various malls, eating good food, and generally enjoying each other's company. Sunday we all gathered for the traditional birthday lunch of KFC and fixins' and the Mom took Monday off from work, thereby declaring it a national holiday.

But then, the bad news came and on this day that the nation celebrated my mother's birth, we mourned the loss of a great horse.

Barbaro was a favored horse after winning the Kentucky Derby last year. He was probably "unofficially" America's horse, as it has been so long since a triple crown winner! I was so excited with his run at the midway point of the Preakness until he was pulled up by the jockey. Then my heart sank as I watched him hobble off, clearly with a broken leg. A broken leg for a human is one thing, for a horse it is life or death.

I have followed Barbaro's progress since that horrible day. I have a link to his veterinarian's website that gave weekly updates. I think anyone who has been paying attention felt like things were going along smoothly. The updates were now posted at two week intervals. But over the weekend, things changed... as life often does... and Barbaro was put down yesterday.

It was sad. I did shed a tear... and then went on to get Mom a gift for her special day and rejoice in the fact that she's still a fiesty gal in her own right!

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