Thursday, February 08, 2007

Space Oddity circa 2007

When is it a good idea to wake up in the morning and think, "I know what I'll do... I'll grab a trenchcoat, a bad wig and a box of Depends, a canister of pepper spray and a ball ping hammer and drive across the country to smack someone in the head."

Apparently, it never is a good time.

This is not the face of an astronaut after a mission to Mars, but instead the face of a rather sad astronaut/single mother who woke up one morning with a skewed idea of right and wrong. She woke up one day thinking the whole ball ping hammer/Depends idea was actually valid.
At least she applied lipstick.
And a bit too much eyeliner.
Let this be a lesson to those who think a cross-country drive with a wig and a diaper is a good idea. It is not. She should have flown. If she had, her mugshot would have been better and she wouldn't need to worry about diaper rash.
Or being the punch-line on a late-night talk show.
Or making an appearance on my blogsite.

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Sean and Heather said...

I have to say that it is GREAT to be back in Nashville where I can actually here you banter and poke fun at things and people. While I enjoy reading your blog and can actually here you talking (weird?), it is good to have the real thing.