Monday, May 05, 2008

I just keep getting older...

... my kids are too quickly reaching adulthood - and the perils that lay in wait for them.

My Katy has attended her senior prom. In just 12 more days (Good Grief!) she will be a high school graduate! How can this be?!

Where is the little linebacker that was born oh so many years old? I always called her a linebacker because as a toddler, she was just rough and ready! Throwing her weight around and not kow-towing to anyone!

As an infant, she was quite a handful. Literally! She reFUSED to go to sleep... fearing, I am certain, of what she would miss. It fell on me, more often than not, to get her to sleep. I would wrap her up tightly in a blanket and take her into an area of the house that was the darkest and quietest and walk with her until she finally gave in to the sleep that was so desperately needed.

She had problems with her eyes as a little one and was given glasses to wear even before she was completely potty-trained - I think. She was never one to suffer those glasses for long and she had corrective surgery that took care of the problem.

Wasn't that just yesterday? I am certain that little one should not look as grown as this now:

Ah well... I think I'm off to purchase a rocker at Cracker Barrell to ease my way into senility!

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