Tuesday, September 02, 2008

It’s only Rock-N-Roll, but I like it…

I am a musical girl. I come from a musical family. My mother taught piano and played piano and/or organ for almost my entire life. My father sings bass. My older brother can make music with just about any stringed instrument. He also sings bass. My younger brother played drums and sings in the tenor/baritone range. I play piano, flute, piccolo and sing in the soprano/alto range. I can sing tenor too… but that requires me to read the music instead of just sing along.

I love music of all forms. From classical orchestral arrangements to big band/jazz. I love the blues – Stevie Ray Vaughn or B.B. King. I can appreciate the Doors and Janis Joplin. I love Led Zeppelin and Kiss. I also love praise and worship music. In concert, I have experienced Elvis Presley, Jethro Tull, Heart, Kiss, Bon Jovi, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, CS&N, Aerosmith, Duran Duran, Michael Bolton, Motley Crue, Tom Petty, Steven Curtis Chapman, Travis Cottrell… the list goes on!

I also have a penchant for musical theater. I have seen Yul Brynner in The King & I. I saw Richard Harris perform Camelot. I have experienced the Phantom of the Opera at least five times now. I love Sweeney Todd and South Pacific and Oklahoma, where the wind comes sweeping down the plain!

Needless to say… when the music flows, there is some portion of my body that is keeping time.

On Labor Day, my body was somewhat confined due to the fact that I was driving my car. As AC/DC was offering Dirty Deeds – Done Dirt Cheap, I was tapping my left foot to the beat of the bass drum. My left hand was firmly placed on the steering wheel and my right hand was keeping beat with the snare drum on my gearshift.

I was enjoying myself so much that the needle on my speedometer was inching far too close to the 90mph mark. I laughed to myself as I was backing off the speed, but my right hand never missed a beat… and as the music crescendo’d, so did the force of my right hand. To the point that I have apparently broken a blood vessel and/or severely bruised the index finger of my right hand.

Seriously. I can barely bend my index finger and the joint is quite swollen. And a lovely shade of blue… with a touch of deep purples here and there.

Deep Purple… I like them too.

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Mary said...

I seriously thought I was going to read that you got a ticket. I'm glad it's something more temporary.