Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom - stay away from the Liquid Plumber

My mother turned 76 today. She almost didn't turn 76+ one day. Why? Apparently 76 year olds don't bother with instructions when it comes to using a drain cleaner. I am not certain if she was using Liquid Plumber or Drain-o... but she was attempting to unstop her bathroom sink, which had been running slow.

She chose to do this task on her birthday today. Don't ask me why. She poured the material in and failed to complete the task, which is to also pour water into the drain. Why did she not complete the task? She was busy multi-tasking.

So she was quite surprised and even shocked when a noxious fume began to billow out from the drainpipe. She was then overcome with the fumes and became light-headed and dizzy and stumbled from the bathroom area to yell at my 75 year old father to come help.

This was probably her way of saying "If I'm gonna die by noxious fumes... I'm taking you with me!" My father entered the bathroom that was now as foggy as good old London Town and proceeded to open the windows and run the water in the sink.

They have set up a fan in the bathroom in order to un-fumigate the back portion of the house. I have asked my mother to wait until we have completed the paperwork we are dealing with to refinance the house before she decides to knock herself off - and take Dad with her.

Nothing but good times ahead.

Happy Birthday Mom.

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