Sunday, May 03, 2009

135th Kentucky Derby

Yes, it is the first Saturday in May, which means that everything stands still while I watch hours upon hours of pre-Derby events and attempt to pick the winner before "My Old Kentucky Home" is played by the U of L band. I picked the winner last year, but not this year.

I let my emotions rule my choice of horse this year. Yes, I wanted General Quarters to win the big race, mostly because he was a beautiful horse, and who could root against a 75 year old retired school principal who is the owner, trainer, groomer, etc. not to win?

Maybe the sheik. But his horses traveled around the world to not fare all that well.

I actually considered picking Mine that Bird, for the simple fact that I think Calvin Borell is a fun jockey to watch. But I looked at the odds and stuck with my emotional favorite.

And the unthinkable happened... the longshot won by a landslide and while my pick crossed the finish line 10th in the race... there is something extremely wonderful about a longshot flying by all the big shots and winning the roses.

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