Monday, March 08, 2010

It was a West Wing Kinda weekend...

I had a friend that spent a few days with me this weekend. We hung out and laughed on occasion. My friend got to experience life at my house with the parentals and the blind dog.

But that's okay. We watched the West Wing.

Have I ever mentioned my absolute love and obsession for the television series that was The West Wing? I love this series. LOVE it. As far as I can tell... it was the very best written television show OF. ALL. TIME.

AND... there were more than just 12 episodes in a season.

My friend and I watched the entire First Season and most of the Second one.

At some point, I headed over to Lantern Lane Farm and did something I have never done before...

I cleaned out a miniature horse's stall.

I believe the correct term is muck. I had to actually look up that word because it just sounds dirty. There's a reason for that... it IS dirty. It derives from a middle English word from the 13th Century, pretty much meaning manure.

I guess it would sound silly to say that I manured out a stall. So, muck it is.

Now, I see the three of you who read this post, and I know you are saying to yourself... "It's a minature horse. How bad could it be?" Well... let me just tell you, little Aurora - that's her name - leaves PLENTY of jewels for her friends.

I was her friend last week.

She left me a wheelbarrow full of muck. Or, manure. Or poop. Maybe I should say I pooped out the stall.

Oh. No. That doesn't sound good at all.

So, I spent time with my friend. I did not take any pictures of her, even though there were opportunities to do so. I am trying to make up for something I did last week. And I mucked out a stall and fed a bunch of beautiful horses - and a couple of donkeys, can't forget them.

Oh... and I attended my nephew's championship basketball game. They won. They are undefeated. THAT I took pictures of. Enjoy.

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Mary said...

Congratulations to your nephew...and to you on your first "mucking" (?) experience. Ew. I've never mucked. We didn't have horses. And my brother was so lucky to have all barn responsibilities. Life ain't fair I tell ya.