Monday, April 26, 2010

At it Again...

For those three of you who read my blog, I apologize for not writing sooner about the status of the front lawn, a/k/a devastated disaster site with no trees.

Is devastated disaster an oxymoron? Or am I? Things to ponder.

Instead... I have been pushing hard to get to the end of this semester of college. It is only about a week away now. That's a light at the end of yet another tunnel.

I also decided I had to do something to get myself some physical activity. Mucking out Aurora's stall on Wednesdays at Lantern Lane Farm ( is not quite enough. Hitting the Y with every. single. person. in. Rutherford. County. isn't working for my schedule right now either.

So, I walk. I walked two days last week before my schedule came to a screeching halt because of school work. I put in two solid hours. That wasn't too bad. My feet were screaming at me just a little afterwards. But nothing too horrible. This week's prospects are a bit slim. Depending on weather and progress on my final project at school will determine if I make it to the track or not.

I'm hopeful.

Oh... by the way. I was able to plant three trees in the front yard to replace the three beautiful and VERY ALIVE trees that were ripped to pieces by the electric company. I will get pictures on here in the near future. Should only take another 20-30 years for them to be big and beautiful again.


Mary said...

Walking...I'm thinking if you can endure a few sprinkles you might enjoy that in this weather.

I am glad you planted some replacement trees. Still can't believe they did that. Argh.

Bwdlake said...

Good Luck I know how the home stretch of anything can be. Love Ya!