Monday, April 26, 2010

At it Again...

For those three of you who read my blog, I apologize for not writing sooner about the status of the front lawn, a/k/a devastated disaster site with no trees.

Is devastated disaster an oxymoron? Or am I? Things to ponder.

Instead... I have been pushing hard to get to the end of this semester of college. It is only about a week away now. That's a light at the end of yet another tunnel.

I also decided I had to do something to get myself some physical activity. Mucking out Aurora's stall on Wednesdays at Lantern Lane Farm ( is not quite enough. Hitting the Y with every. single. person. in. Rutherford. County. isn't working for my schedule right now either.

So, I walk. I walked two days last week before my schedule came to a screeching halt because of school work. I put in two solid hours. That wasn't too bad. My feet were screaming at me just a little afterwards. But nothing too horrible. This week's prospects are a bit slim. Depending on weather and progress on my final project at school will determine if I make it to the track or not.

I'm hopeful.

Oh... by the way. I was able to plant three trees in the front yard to replace the three beautiful and VERY ALIVE trees that were ripped to pieces by the electric company. I will get pictures on here in the near future. Should only take another 20-30 years for them to be big and beautiful again.

Friday, April 02, 2010

It was One of Those Days

Wednesday was just one of those days. It was a bad day at work. My stress level was pretty high from the minute I sat down at my desk. I have a paper due this weekend that is just not coming together and then I got a phone call from the parental units telling me the electric company was cutting down the trees in our front yard.

Not trimming them. Cutting them down.

This is what I came home to at the end of that very bad day:

I would say it looks like a war zone, but that is probably an overstatement. Not much of one though...

I never considered myself much of a tree hugger. I mean, I have seen the hysterical videos on YouTube. I am not one of those people. But I was still sad.

Thursday morning when I went out to get the paper, I found hundreds of birds staring down at me from the power lines. It was if they were saying, "What the hell happened? We had HOMES here." Then, I apparently lost my mind. I began talking to them. Out. Loud.
"I'm sorry."
"This wasn't my idea."
"It's not my fault."
"Make sure to poop on the heads of the old people living here. They are responsible."

I realized I was talking Out. Loud. It was a magical and terrifying moment.