Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Just Stuff

1. I love Sonic ice. I don't know why I love it, but I do. I think it is because I can munch on it without breaking my teeth. I love Sonic ice so much that sometimes I get an extra large cup of ice that will last me almost through the workday. I may be a little weird.

2. In my perfect dream house, I will have an automatic ice maker. It will make Sonic ice. I may be a little obsessed.

3. I just heard Little Jimmy Dickens sing these words: "May the Bird of Paradise fly up your nose." He turned 90 and had a birthday celebration. He used to come into the Sears store where I worked as a teenager and bought things from me. He is very short. He would have been about 60 years old then. I have just aged myself.

4. I cannot believe I worked at Sears 30 years ago. I may need to cry for a minute.

5. I also worked at the Opryland theme park. I miss Opryland. I really, really do.

6. My boss totally rocked today. Why? Because he had a deposition in Goodlettsville yesterday and I told him about Chef's Market... which is one of the best eating establishments in the middle Tennessee area... and he went there and spent a LOT of money buying a wonderful lemon cake and bringing it into the office. I ate some today after lunch. I promptly fell into a sugar coma and I may never come out of it.

7. I love Hawaii 5-0. The old show was great but the new show is wonderfully written and shot in a great nitty-gritty kind of way. I would move to Hawaii to work on that production team. I would probably move to Hawaii for other reasons too.

8. Item number 7 may interfere with my plans to move to Montana. I have never been to Montana, but I want to live there. The pictures are beautiful.

9. I have never broken a bone in my body. I am now frantically looking for some wood to knock on. I would be happy to live my entire life without breaking a bone in my body.

10. This semester's classes already feel better than the last semester. It has only been a week since I started class, but I don't feel the need to crawl into a cave and cease to exist like I did last semester.

I think ten items is enough for now.


Bwdlake said...

You Never Cease To Amaze Me!

Mary said...

I love Sonic ice too. It's the same kind of ice that we had at my parents restaurant when I was in high school. Joel, Shannon (whoever was *ahem* working with me) and I would have ice blowing contests where we would pack a straw full of that soft ice and see how far we could blow it across the room. Good stuff.

I want to go to Montana too...I don't want to live there though. So if you move there, make sure I have your address so I can visit. This applies to Hawaii as well.

I have been watching Hawaii 5-0 also and I like it. It is surprisingly well done.

I love Chef's Market too. I just wish they still had that little cave like play area where the kids can crawl through the fireplace into a room with toys. I told my kids about it and then when we finally was gone. So sad.

Requelle said...

1. me too. must be why we're friends.

2. just a little.

3. do i even want to know why you were listening to that?

6. if your boss really rocked, he would have brought you chocolate elvis. just sayin'.

7. i'm addicted too. yet another thing you've introduced me to that i'm addicted to. great. and if you work in hawaii, i'd have to say that i would need to be your assistant but i'm pretty sure we'd kill each other. or you'd end up firing me because i didn't file something in a timely manner.

8. let me know if you find our men out there.

9. i'll start answering your calls now because there will most certainly be one soon saying you're at the hospital having a bone fixed. great.

10. i can tell because we actually are conversing this semester.

Cara said...

Some people think I'm such a cool person to want to be an ER nurse and save lives and all that. It was all really for the chewable (Sonic) ice we had in our break room.