Monday, June 11, 2007


There is just something fabulous about a girl beating out all the boys. It is, undoubtedly, my pride speaking... but it is wonderful nonetheless. I enjoyed being on the winning tug-of-war team in elementary school and was smart enough not to face those same boys after they had reached puberty and could beat me. A girl's gotta use her brains to win too!

There was one special girl that went up against the guys over the weekend... and beat them all. I'm talking about the 139th running of the Belmont Stakes. The final jewel in the Triple Crown. Even though I was heart broken that Street Sense lost to Curlin in the Preakness, I was very excited to find a filly in the mix at the Belmont Stakes. (Street Sense, by the way, decided to take a break and prepare for the fall racing season, so he was not there to face Curlin again)

So, my eyes were drawn, naturally, to the one girl in the ranks of these powerful stallions. And I wanted her to win. Rags to Riches is her name and she's a pretty filly. She kept her head throughout the race. She stayed with those boys in this longest of the three races, and she didn't even appear to be sweating too much. Or should I say glistening? I am from the south. She stayed to the outside of the big boys so she wouldn't get her pretty face flecked with mud and when it came time to turn on the charm, that is exactly what this girl did.

She went neck and neck with Curlin, the favored horse, and in the end I have a feeling she just took a look to her left and snorted at him... while flicking her tail in triumph! She is the first filly to win since 1905. Her brother Jazil won this race last year and her father won the race back in the 80s. Racing is in her blood and she went down in the history books for her effort.

That's the way to show those boys!

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Mary said...

You know, I haven't watched these races in years, but I really enjoy reading your posts about them. I checked here a couple times waiting for your take on the Belmont Stakes. I should have known you would come at it from the girls beating the boys angle. I would have to say it does kind of make me sit up straighter and smirk. :)