Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Do you ever wonder...

What sort of thoughts simply pop into your head when you least think about it? How long do you ponder said thoughts? If it is a flight of fancy, do you simply dispell the notion as quickly as it forms or do you take it to the Nth degree?

Apparently there are some paleontologists with a lot of time on their hands. Specifically when it comes to the velocity of long dead dinosaurs. But these ladies and gentlemen didn't simply ponder a thought and then dismiss it. No... they spent many hours pondering and probably many dollars to determine that a T-Rex could outrun David Beckham.,2933,294087,00.html

Wow. There's a no-brainer if I ever heard one.

I am certain that Mr. Beckham is horrified to know his prowess on the field of soccer battle could be easily quashed were he to find himself squaring off against an ancient species. I imagine if I were to bet money on a soccer match between bipeds of the human versus dinosaur type, I would simply place my money in the animal camp... as they will inevitably look upon their opponents as a food source. I imagine poor David has awakened in the dead of night bathed in a cold sweat and turned to Posh Spice in horror of being served up to those prehistoric carnivores, only to fall back upon his pillows with the knowledge that it was only a dream.

Quite an expensive dream those scientists have developed. Good to know their funding is well spent.

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