Monday, November 26, 2007

Circle of Life

I have learned many things in my lifetime and the newest tidbit o'wisdom I am going to share is to never, EVER visit with your friend right before surgery.

Why? Because if you do... you will be cursed!

Case in point: remember my friend who had knee surgery back in the spring? Remember how a few weeks later I was having my gall bladder removed? Well, it appears that we (the friends who were at Requelle's surgery in the spring) have been somehow tied together with medical conditions that are freakishly similar.

Our friend Jon had his knee operated on just about a month ago. His wife Suzanne had her gall bladder removed a few weeks later. The connection? We were ALL at Requelle's bedside to give her support during her knee surgery.

Coincidence? I think not!

Jon had what were termed as artifacts floating in his knee. It makes me think of Indiana Jones... except that Jon doesn't look much like Harrison Ford (no pierced ear... yet). I see a fedora and whip dangling and Jon running before a huge boulder. But, since the surgery, Jon isn't really up for running as yet.

Suz has been dealing with pain for some time now and sure enough... that old gall bladder struck again and out it came! Suz was at Requelle's bedside with me too! Suz actually helped to nurse Req back to health! It was only a matter of time before Suz fell prey to the Circle of Surgery that befell Jon and I.

We think it may have been that Requelle had surgery cooties that we were not prepped for! Darn the luck.

So, my word to the wise... careful of who you visit and support in a medical crisis! Get that cootie shot!

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