Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Here are the Pictures that go with my last Post

Remember how I told you about my aunt and uncle going to get a cookbook for me from the Pioneer Woman when she did a book signing in Little Rock Arkansas? Well... they took some pictures and I thought I would post them here:
This is my uncle. I don't know why the picture is smaller. We'll have to ask KatyBell(all one word)

My aunt and uncle stood in line for four hours to get this book signed for me. Cause they loved me that much and I'm their favorite niece.
Okay... I'm their ONLY niece. But that has nothing to do with it!

And Marlboro Man was there too! As a matter of fact, he signed my book in two places. One on the picture of his face... but then my uncle made him sign the picture of his booty on the last page.

I might blush if I meet MM in person in Nashville... cuz he told my uncle that he had not signed across the booty for anyone before.
Oh well. It wasn't my fault, but I'm not complaining! :)

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Shay said...

Found your blog today...see that you post a lot about smyrna. I work there. I also see that you're a PW fan. ARe you aware that Ree/PW is going to be in Nashville tomorrow (12/8) at Davis Kidd in Green Hills!