Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The Pioneer Woman in NashVegas!!

So, my friend Mary and I pre-determined that we would attend the booksigning when Ree Drummond came to Nashville on her book tour for The Pioneer Woman Cooks. We went to Davis-Kidd Bookstore with a few hundred of our closest friends (that we've never met). Having read past accounts of the amount of wait time, we planned ahead and were prepared.

Comfy shoes? Check.

Early arrival? Check.

Turkey and cheese sandwiches? Check.

We had it all!

We pre-purchased the book and were located in Group 8. There were tickets that were given out and they were bunched in groups of 25 people. We knew we would have quite the wait. But, that was okay. It gave Mary and I a chance to catch up, so that was a wonderful blessing.

We covered a wide range of topics before the hum of hundreds of voices around us grew. Then we were instructed to get in line.

We made new friends around us. Martha was a lovely lady who was just a bright and cheerful mother. She looks GREAT in purple too! Her husband was wandering around the mall and would check in with her every so often. He was a nice fella.

There was a guy in line with us who wins Best Brother Award hands down. His sister is a big fan, but lives in North Carolina. The brother stood in line with us for a couple of hours to get a book for his sister. We're thinking she's gonna owe him big time for a while!

There was another lady there who was passing out free fabric bags as part of a study and to encourage people to use the bags instead of plastic or paper. So, I got a bag out of the deal, and I think its rather pretty.

Finally, PW appeared and spoke a few brief words to the crowd, and then the signing began. Here are a few pictures of the evening:

Here's the Pioneer Woman addressing the crowd. See that lady in the background with the camera? That is Betsy, Pioneer Woman's sister. She was snapping pictures... and so I got one of her!!

Here is a closer picture of Betsy and Hyacinth, good friend of PW... and bearer of a great name.

I took this picture because I was secretly coveting PW's boots. (I was secretly coveting her camera too... but I thought I would expound only on one vice at a time). I wanted to wear my boots, but I knew they did not fall into the comfy shoe category.

Look! We're getting closer!

This girl was cute. She had a shirt on that said "Look Mom! It's PW" with an arrow pointing to Ree. Fun!

Here's the recipient of the Best Brother Award:

Here is a picture of sweet Martha:

Finally... it was out turn. Here's me:

Here's Mary.
Thanks Mary! It was a great time and the sandwiches hit the spot at just the right time!
The line started off a little slow, but we really only had to stand for two hours... so that wasn't too bad.
Merry Christmas!


jociegal said...

I am SO jealous! You Southern gals are getting all the PW lovin! I am hoping she makes it up North to Portland at some point!!! Very cool pics.

Mary said...

You are fast. I still haven't pulled my camera out of my purse. Oooh. My FREE T-SHIRT is in there too.

Traci said...

I'm a friend of Mary's. Sooooo jealous! What fun!

Dandy said...

That is the best brother ever! I'm so excited you got to see Wetsy and Hyacinth! ANd PW of course.

Martha said...

Wow! Aren't you fast on posting!! I truly enjoyed meeting you and Mary last night at the signing. God is great for allowing me to be "in line" with you!! Thanks so much for the pictures--too bad I was so excited in meeting PW that I didn't have the gumption to "pose!"

Anonymous said...

How fun!!!

Stephanie said...

Sounds like you made standing in line A LOT OF FUN! Good for you! Loved the photos.

Also love Nashville.

OH very impressed with the brother...I agree, he deserves an award.