Sunday, August 29, 2010

It Has Been A Month

Since the last post, I have vacationed and taken a new job and made it to World Six on the Super Mario Brothers – Wii version.

I know you’ve been most anxious to hear that last bit of truth. Let me just say... I have done this on my own. No additional help from the younger generation.

I hear you applauding. Thank you. Thank you so much.

I left my old job for a job with a few less dollars, but with more stability and secured benefits. I traveled to Macon, Georgia to train for this job and found that a past co-worker from our Memphis office was going to be working for this new firm as well. We were able to go through training together and have dinner together. It was wonderful to get there and know somebody!!

I got back home and started working at my new office… but I arrived there before my desk did. So… for the first two weeks, I have worked from a computer sitting atop a card table. It’s a little wobbly… but that’s okay. It is a little like working on a cruise ship. The good news is that my desk arrives tomorrow (Yay!!) and it will hopefully allow me to not face the back wall (I feel like I’ve been in time out for a couple of weeks) and will let me get a little more organized. I am so looking forward to it.

The people I work with have been great! They are very easy to get along with a very helpful in showing me how to use their system. I am waiting to that first paycheck to arrive, and it really could not get here quicker. Because I took a week off between my two jobs, it has been awhile since I have seen any money and I have had to purchase college textbooks (never cheap) and dip into my savings account.

I am just glad that I had a savings account to dip into!

That brings me to the quick jaunt over to Arkansas to visit my favorite aunt and uncle. Okay, okay… they are my ONLY aunt and uncle… but are my faves anyway! They were in the process of purchasing a new home in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas and I am so glad I got to go see it. It is a beautiful home set on a golf course. I cannot wait to make that trip now that they have finalized the paperwork and are starting to move in!! I will post pictures when Blogger lets me. For some reason, it is taking a very long time to download. I'm not patient enough to wait.

Finally, I am starting back to college again. My classes start tomorrow and I am taking three courses this year… Intro to Non-profit Management, Public Relations and Technical Writing. I am hoping that the three courses don’t just completely wig me out. However, if I am not on here too much, that will certainly be the reason why!!

I have to go now… I need to get back to Super Mario Brothers!!

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t marie said...

How funny that your new company put you in time out from the get-go. I wonder if some of your friends called them and told them about you?

You are SO busy but still find time for Super Mario Bros.