Monday, July 26, 2010

Playing a Little Catch Up!!

The last time I blogged, I took you on a small tour of the various items in my backyard. I am happy to say, we have not added anything since the last shopping spree. However… my aunt and uncle will be here for an overnight visit on Wednesday. I am hoping to use my new Wii to keep them so busy there will be no time for shopping and seeing what else can be added to the collection.

There have been some new things going on in my little world, so here I am to update you on life in general:

1. PROBLEM: Not long after the yard ornament take-over occurred, we began seeing quite a bit of squirrel activity on the bird feeders in our yard. Now, before you admonish me about how squirrels need food too… let me explain that we have plenty of acorns and other tree bits of sustenance for the squirrels. But, we love our birds. That’s why we have feeders. The squirrels are no respecter of bird feeders and they have taken to scattering the birds away and feasting on the feeders themselves.

SOLUTION: BB/pellet gun. The maternal unit and I spend a goodly amount of time on the back porch with said implement of destruction within reach and… well… we pop those little suckers of with great regularity. The birds love us for it. The squirrels… not so much. The maternal unit and I could be considered in some circles as Annie Oakley. We get our squirrels every time! It is actually pretty fun. Again… before you alert PETA… be aware that the BBs/pellets do not kill the animals, but instead run them off. AND… they are wary enough that when we step out the back door, they scamper away. Typically before we reach the gun.

2. NEW JOB: I went on my first job interview in about 12 years a few weeks ago. I was not as nervous as I thought I would be. The great part is that I got the job!! Things at my office had been a little difficult in the past couple of years and business has dropped off a good bit. I just felt like I needed some stability. So, as of August 16 I will be an employee with the staff counsel’s office for GEICO insurance in Brentwood, Tennessee. Very excited about this new chapter in my life. Plus, I get to spend a couple of days in Macon, Georgia at the GEICO office learning the ins and outs of the company. Good times!! It will be really hard to leave my friends here at White & Rhodes, but I think this is the best decision for me.

3. The Fauna are Taunting Me with their Sexual Escapades. Take a look back up to number one and our issue with the squirrels. I have found there is one reason not to shoot the squirrels. I cannot seem to make myself pull the trigger if the little nymphos are “doing it”. Apparently, word has gotten out in the squirrel community… as the little buggers seem to enjoy “doing it” in the very tree with our main bird feeder.

And… it isn’t just the squirrels that are taunting me. On Friday, I left my office to go home from work. As I approached my car, I saw what I thought was a very large butterfly on my driver’s side window. I figured it would float away as soon as I came near, or at least opened the door. Alas. It did not. More alas… it was not a single butterfly, but apparently a male/female butterfly.

Guess what they were doing? YES! Taunting me with their sexual nature. They didn’t move off the window either. I hated to interrupt them… but I had somewhere to be. I moved my car slowly out of the parking lot and they finally realized a white Hyundai Santa Fe was not the most conducive spot to make whoopee.

I just said make whoopee. I feel like I’m on the Newlywed Game!!

4. Wii. I bought a Wii. Yes. Yes I did. I bought a Wii and a Wii Fit Plus board and I am a MASTER at Rhythm Kung Fu. I’m just saying! I love this Wii. It is great fun. The maternal unit and I are using this to exercise and we are enjoying it. The maternal unit apparently has little hula-hoop experience – as she almost threw her hips out of line with that game – but she can Kick. Butt on the bowling game. Seriously. I have YET to win a game against her… and that is a really sad thing to admit.

However… she apparently has no concept of the fact that the Wii bowling game is played in the confines of our very own living room. I say this because every time she plays… she “throws” the ball and then she takes three steps out and away from the lane. Next thing I’m going to do is buy her a bowling shirt and shoes to make her experience complete.

Lest you think I’m a complete wuss… I kill her in tennis!!!

I also reverted to the old days and purchased the Super Mario Brothers game. Don’t ask me which incarnation… I can’t remember. I just know that I can spend HOURS on that thing. Literally. I cannot stand it to not reach my goal. So… after a few days of desperation… I called in my backup – namely my 15-year-old nephew, Joey, who got me through the second castle and onto level 2, where we made it to that second castle before our eyes completely crossed and our thumbs were numb!

I love my nephew. He rocks. Plus, he’s taller than me now, which makes me feel small and old. But that’s another topic for another day.

Stay tuned for all the fun that is the fun!!


t marie said...

Okay, awesome news on the job front. Too funny about all the whoopie going on around you. I don't have a wii but I love to play my nephew's. I kicked my niece's hiney in boxing, and when her father came to her rescue, I kicked his hiney too! And I think it's funny that you shoot at the cute little rodents, but only because you don't kill them... that would be messy and probably keep the birds away.

Mary said...

Would love to see the shooting of the squirrels.

Bwdlake said...

That's AWESOME That You Got the Job.

Bwdlake said...

P.S. I Got a CAMERA.... Got It today!!!!!! YAY-YAY. Pic and Info on Blog.