Thursday, September 16, 2010

Automatic Toilets are of the Devil

So… I’m living in a crazy time of my life right now. I started a new job and I am taking three classes this semester.

I may have lost my mind.


I did this all at the same time. I started the new job on a Monday and started college classes the next Monday. It is a good thing I went to Arkansas between the two jobs. I am not sure when I will be able to travel again. Hopefully, mid-December after finals.

So, my new job is, of course, in a new office. The funny part is that my new office is about 1.3 miles from my old one.

Apparently, the building owners at my new office are passionate about automatic bathroom features. Everything is operated by motion detectors… the soap dispenser, the paper towel dispenser, and the toilets. These features eliminate the need for hundreds of hands (with millions of germs) to touch the same fixtures.

I get the point of automatic features. However, the toilets are freaking me out a little bit. They randomly flush with no warning. Let’s say you sneeze… the toilet will flush. You reach over to the toilet paper roll, the toilet flushes. You can turn your head and the toilet will flush.

Then… when you stand up… which is when the toilet SHOULD flush. Nothing.

You can turn around and wave your arms and nothing happens.

I could dance a jig in front of the toilet and it would not flush.

I think there is a conspiracy here somewhere, but I’m not looking for it. It may be germy.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Yes... I'm a Proud Aunt.

I am proud of all my nieces and nephew. They are all individually wonderful people. But tonight... tonight we will focus on Joey.

He's the only boy. He's taller than I am now. That makes me a little sad. He and I went to see the A-Team movie for his 15th birthday and I let him drive my car back from Mt. Juliet to Smyrna.

That made me a little sad too. But, he did a great job.

He made the football team at Blackman High School. He's a Blaze. (That's the mascot)

I went to and graduated from Smyrna High School. Many, oh so many years ago. I am a Bulldog.

Blackman and Smyrna played each other tonight. It is a big rivalry. They were playing to see who would get the number one slot in the state. I decided I would wear a purple shirt, but an orange overshirt. The purple representing Smyrna (Purple & Gold) and the orange for Blackman (Navy and Orange).

However... in comparison with the other oranges in the crowd, my shirt was not orange enough. I promise I tried to represent both teams somewhat equally. I was told by two of my nieces that I failed horribly.

Oh well.

The Blaze kids know how to have a lot of fun. Here are some of the students pre-game.

They were full of spirit.

The Smyrna kids were too. But I wasn't close enough to get pictures of them. They pulled off a pretty cool effect: when the football team hit the field, the SHS kids all threw baby powder up in the air. It looked like smoke (as if they were putting out the Blaze... get it?)
But this... this is what I came here for: my boy Joey!!
(He'd probably want me to say, my Man Joey. But, I can't do that yet.)

Number 99!!!

You can see my Alma Mater represented on the other side there.
(Insert a quiet Go Dawgs here)

Smyrna won 24-7!! Oh. Sorry Joey. I mean... Blackman was ROBBED!!