Saturday, July 02, 2011

Liam's First Days

So... we finally got our boy here and we were all so excited! He was born here in Smyrna and mother, daddy and baby were all doing great. We got to watch him for about 45 minutes through the hospital nursery window while they measured and monitored and cleaned and swaddled and all those other things that nursing staffs do for babies right out of the womb.

Screaming HELLO to the world!

He put on quite a show for us! While this is going on, Kristin was being tended to in post-op for the C-section and being sent back to her room. They took Liam back to her to see if he could start nursing, and he apparently latched himself right on! Once the baby was here, a couple more people came to see their first great-grandchild!

Nana & Granddaddy
 Because I know my place on the familial food chain, I went ahead and left the hospital. The grandparents (my little brother is a GRANDPARENT!) stayed to visit with Kristin, David and the baby and I drove across the street to see the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

I need to see that movie again. I think it was pretty good. However, I think I was coming off an adrenaline high... so I was so sleepy in that movie that I think I actually dozed a couple of times.

But, that afternoon was officially MY time.

Meeting Liam for the first time

Okay... it was not SOLELY my time. I took the great grandmother with me and so I shared some time with her. Unfortunately, we timed our visit just as they had given Kristin some meds for the pain. She did not feel comfortable nodding off and sleeping while there were people in the room, so we were really only there for about ten minutes.

But it was a GREAT ten minutes.

Nana and Liam
Kristin and David spent the weekend at the hospital. They had Liam on Friday and were able to go home on Monday. Which meant... another day of VISITATION for the family! How awesome.

Of course, I was doing my best NOT to overstay or call constantly. That was very difficult for me because I wanted to know how MY baby (who had just had a baby) was doing. I had to just be careful and text Katy or Kim or John in order to get updates. I know how tired new parents are and I did not want to be a bother.

So on Sunday, after being grateful to the Lord for His great blessings! The great-grandparents and I made an appointment to come up and visit the newest member of our family.

Liam and his Mommy- is there a sweeter picture than a mother and her child?

The new family: Kristin, David & Liam

Liam meeting his great-grandfather for the first time

Four generations

Liam and his great-grandmother
 There is just nothing more precious than this little man.

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