Saturday, July 02, 2011

He's Here!!

It has been a while since I have stopped by here and commented on life. But, life has been busy and therefore I have not had time to comment. Isn't that the way it always works?!

But... I am VERY happy to say that the next generation of my family made his appearance in May.


I can also say that now I feel like it is safe to breathe. I have not had children... but I had a couple of moments of complete FEAR. My baby (not birthed to me, but I refer to all my nieces and my nephew as my children, and often, my babies) was having a C-Section because she was percolating a rather big boy. (We grow 'em kinda big in our family) So, I was filled with worry. What if something goes wrong? What if there is something wrong with the baby? It was a time filled with angst and anxiety.

The Lord kindly reminded me that He was in charge of everything... and regardless of what man's purpose is, His purpose is greater and He will complete His work in whatever situation we are found in.

Oh. Okay. I'll just shut up and trust.

So... here's a little pictorial of our day:

I arrived at the hospital first. Mostly because I was told to be there at 7:00 and no one else got there until closer to 8:00. Oh well. I was there in time to take pictures of the soon-to-be parental units arrival.

Momma, Daddy & Aunt Katy arriving at the hospital

Mommy-to-be and Daddy-to-be. So cute!

See these scrubs David is wearing? I bought them. I have to give credit to my good friend, Carey Dean, who gave me the idea for them. I felt like much attention had been given to Kristin and the baby and I didn't want David to feel left out. So, I called my friend Carey, who is the father of triplets plus one, for an appropriate gift for the new father. He told me the best gift he received when the triplets were born, were a set of monogramed scrubs. So... I picked up some scrubs at a local uniform store and found a monogram place here in town and they did a great job!

The scrubs say "David Johnson, Daddy to Liam" and the birth date. Isn't that cool? AND... he looked like he was a doctor and worked at the hospital. As a matter of fact, a couple of the staff at the hospital thought he was a doctor.

So fun!!

We had a number of family members present for the big moment!

Aunt K-K

Katy is here waiting in the hospital lobby while Kristin gets herself checked in. We enjoyed people watching and laughing at each other. It was an enjoyable morning and the hospital staff got a big kick out of our antics.
The family members took up a good bit of the small waiting room at the hosital. As a matter of fact... we took up the entire waiting room. To our credit, the waiting room is rather small. But, we all had fun hanging around waiting for the sound of the lullaby to play over the intercom system (a sign that a baby is born) and tried to just have a good time.

Whilst I was waiting on Kristin to have her baby, I ran downstairs to have my first mammogram. I would like to take the time to smack all the women who told horror stories of how painful an experience this was going to be. It was not bad AT. ALL. The staff at Stone Crest were very friendly and courteous. The technician who did the mammogram was very nice and professional. The total amount of time I was there was probably about 30 minutes, and I was able to get up to the waiting room just about five minutes before the baby was born. Soooooo... no time to really worry for me!

And then finally... we were awarded with this:

Daddy and Liam!
Liam Alexander Johnson was born at more than 9 pounds and 21 1/2 inches long. Daddy David did a great job in the surgery room and so did Kristin!

Our first good look at Liam!

But, I think this is my favorite first glimpse picture:

The Look of Love

I'll share more soon. There is much more to tell.


Mary said...

Oh! I'm so glad I checked in. Wonderful, wonderful stuff. I love babies and birth stories and I wish I had more of them to tell myself. If it weren't for the fact that the three I delivered have done a real number on me, I would probably beg for more. That and I asked God and He said "STOP! your husband's had enough." Maybe I shouldn't put that in quotes, because that wasn't exactly how it went, but that's the gist of it. Anyway...I love these pictures and I love that you share your family, because I miss mine and it makes me happy to see yours. :)

t marie said...

Oh that last picture is precious.