Monday, April 08, 2013

Much has happened in a Year...

So, when I last blogged, my great-nephew was born, my father was diagnosed with a heart condition, my mother had a stroke - as a result of the same heart condition as my father - and I was still in school. Let me update you on a few facts of life that have occurred since then:

1. I am STILL in school. But, I am getting ever closer to graduation! Yay! If I play my cards right, I may graduate by the end of the summer.

2. My great-nephew is AWESOME. I say this having just been called to the ER because he was running a pretty big fever (102 is tough on a little boy) but the doctors seem to think he may have the flu and/or strep. I left him in the capable hands of his parents, his grandmother (Nina) and his great grandparents (Gingo and Pepaw). Oh, and the hospital staff.

3. My Dad passed away on May 3, 2012. He passed away gently in his sleep and there was no signs of distress. He is greatly missed. He was a great Daddy. We are coming up on the one year anniversary. I think I have not blogged and/or journaled for the past year out of mourning. You know, like in the Civil War era where immediate family members would stay in a state of mourning for a year and wear only black clothes? I don't only wear black clothes... but I have mourned.

4. My mother has exhibited some of the greatest strength I have ever witnessed in my life. She has not wanted to be an invalid and sometimes overdoes it in order to prove that she is still all that and a bag of chips.

5. Dad was able to see the Kentucky Wildcats win their 9th National Championship before he died. There is a part of me that is glad he wasn't around to see how badly they played this year. :)

6. My nephew is a senior in high school this year. He will graduate in just a few weeks. That is SO hard to believe. He played football this year and I had a WONDERFUL time taking pictures and putting together a photo book as his Christmas present.

Therefore, we have had ups and downs in our family. We are so grateful the Lord provides all our needs, is our Peace and gives us shelter under His wings!

Here are some pictures of the past year...

Me and Dad- Easter 2012

Mom & Dad- Easter 2012
Dad's marker


We had a robot theme for Liam's first birthday party

Liam's first birthday

Enjoying that cake!

Dad's marker- after Memorial Day

Mom and her sister, Janelle on their 2012 sister trip. This was a stop on the way to Martha's Vineyard

The family heading out for group pictures.

The whole gang.
Joey Bell- football player extraordinaire
Joey Bell- Center
Heartfelt hug from Dad at the end of the last game

I love this boy!

Christmas 2012 - a new era

Joey checking out his Football photo book
Liam wishing Nana a Happy 80th birthday

Birthdays are for friends and family

Birthdays are for fun!!

John & Sara (without an H) at Mom's 80th

Mike & Sisy came from Arkansas to join the fun

Good Times with the Birthday Girl!

Me and Mom

John & Mom

Liam- Easter 2013

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David A. Carlson said...

So sorry to hear of your dad passing. It can be hard. When my dad passed, I felt a little lost. Even now, whenever I hear the song "Old Hippy" (I think that's the name of the song) I want to cry.