Sunday, January 24, 2010

Haiti Update: Mike and Tia's homecoming

So... after we learned that Mike and Tia were able to get seats on a private plane that was headed back to the states from Port Au Prince, there was much rejoicing in Hooville... and media contacts to make... and the realization that just because Mike and Tia were back on US soil, did not mean our relief efforts for Haiti would end.
They were just beginning.

We all went home and got a couple of quick hours of sleep in before waking up at about 4:00 a.m. to meet Mike, Brent and Tia at the airport. (Brent flew down in a private plane from Nashville that would pick up Mike and Tia and return with them... the plane was donated. God blesses the weary!) The local media was there in force as well as some 75 people or so.

Boy... is it dark at 4:30 a.m.!!!

Who are all these people?! They are the same crazies who would get up at the crack of dawn to show Mike and Missy some love! And to meet Tia.

Some of the local media interviewed Missy prior to the plane landing. I cannot imagine how early this people got up in order to be so put together at this time of morning. It makes my head hurt to think about it.

And then, they set up outside to be ready for when the plane landed

We pre-determined that only family members would meet the plane on the tarmac. The rest of the friends and family would stay inside the building. I wish I could have gotten closer... but no luck. Then I wished I had a zoom lens. That is next on my list of things to purchase.

After hugs with family on the tarmac... the Wilson family brought Tia inside where it was warm. (She's not quite prepared for 40 degree weather!)

Probably a little overwhelming to meet the brothers amongst the throng of well wishers. To our credit... we refrained from screaming and clapping. We let her enter the room in a hushed expectation.

She enjoyed her peppermint candy...

Brent talked with the media for a moment before praying over the Wilson family

Then we made it back outside to get Tia secured in her new carseat (a first for her) and Mike answered just a few questions from the media. After that, the crowd disbursed and the Wilson family spent the day reunited and getting to know each other.

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