Thursday, January 14, 2010

Haiti Update

It has been a long couple of days, but we are happily exhausted after learning that Brent and Mike were able to transport all the babies from the orphanage to a safe location. They have some supplies (one of the staffers crawled back into the Creche and retrieved some food supplies and a matress for the little ones to sleep on) and have shelter for the first time in a couple of days.

Mike has posted his thoughts on their adoption website at:

The Lord continues to do a great work in the midst of chaos and destruction. He used our ministry - and ABC News - to bring peace and joy to a family from Oregon who are adopting some of the children from the Creche. ABC was able to Skype Brent and the children to the family in Oregon, so they could see them and know they were alive and well. We were thrilled to see Brent. Here's the story:

We were able to actually skype for a few minutes with Katie and Tia as well. There were smiles all around the office.

Thank you to all the organizations who are lending assistance to this ravaged country. We are still accepting donations of medical supplies, etc. to be shipped down there. You can find a list of items we are collecting by going to the website:

You can also make donations through any Regions Bank. Simply ask to donate to the BGM Haiti Relief Fund. Be assured that 100 percent of every dime received will be going to relief efforts. BGM will not keep a dime for itself!!

There are a couple of bloggers out there who are helping raise awareness and funds in their own special ways. Let me encourage you to head over to The Pioneer Woman's website at as well as Savory Sweet Life at

Thank you again! Now... let's keep them covered and bathed in prayer and get them the help they need!

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