Saturday, January 16, 2010

HAITI UPDATE: Saturday Night

We have good news and not-so-good news. The good news is that Brent and Katie were able to get on a military transport plane and get back to the states. They should be landing here in Nashville tonight at 9:00. The media will be present as well as our friends and family who just want to shower love on them both.

The not-so-good news is that Mike and Tia are still in Haiti. They were told to make their way to the US Embassy to get the paperwork to hopefully leave the country. By the time they got in the building, the office closed. However, they were told that Mike would not be able to leave with Tia. By this time, it was getting dark outside and they told him he would have to leave the building, because they could not allow a Haitian (5 year old Tia) to stay in the building.

In case you haven't noticed, Embassy official... Haiti after dark is not a safe place to be. Especially if you are a five year old girl traveling with an American man.

Finally, someone there allowed them to stay inside. Tia spent the night on a conveyer belt (the kind that you would see at an airport baggage claim) and Mike slept on the floor next to it. They were awakened at 4:30 this morning and told they had to leave the building.

They were able to get back in touch with Dr. Bernard, the man who runs the orphanage, and were able to finally get back to the Guest House, where the rest of the orphans are staying.

NBC Nightly News did a segment on their plight tonight. You can see it here:

The babies at the orphanage will be out of food by morning. We MUST have help! Please... please... try to contact your state senators/congressmen/anyone you happen to know in the State Department that can help us help these orphans. 75 percent of them are well into the adoption process. We just need to feed these babies (4 months to five years) and get them to safety.

Continue praying for Haiti and if you want to send support (100 percent of proceeds go to Haiti) please visit our site at:

or donate through any Regions Bank and use the BGM Haiti Relief Fund.


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Julie said...

I have been following this story closely. Hope they can get back to the US very soon!

Enjoyed visiting your blog.