Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Snow in Middle Tennessee

So... we don't get much of the white stuff typically here in the middle Tennessee area. Soooo... when we were forecast to really get hit over the weekend, well, the salt trucks got out early and brined the roads in preparation for it. Everybody and their dog went to the local grocery stores and cleared the shelves of milk, bread, eggs and toilet paper.

Because, apparently, that is all that one needs to survive the apocolypse that is snow in Middle Tennessee!

The weatherman/women/people (what is the PC term for that?) were right this time. We got about four inches of snow...

It stayed around for awhile. The temperatures never really got much over freezing for the weekend. Many county school systems are still out too. Of course, we are not very well equipped here to deal with such things. So... from Friday until Monday, I stayed nice and cozy warm in my house.

Eating bread and eggs and drinking milk.


... and then on top of the snow, we got ice! About a 1/4 inch.

Ice - Ice - Baby!!!

This would be why we all ran to the grocery store on Thursday night!

But nothing can explain this:

So, I won't even try.


Mary said... freeze up? I usually suggest Ctrl/Alt/Del. But I'm going to go with trash can on this one.

Dandy said...

Computer freeze up made me laugh.

Those ice pictures are gorgeous! Should I ever find myself in a snowy area I'll be sure to have my bread, eggs and milk.