Saturday, June 12, 2010

Just Catching Up...

Life is just peachy here in middle Tennessee. Well, not really peachy. More like hot. Extremely hot. HELL hot. The humidity is so high that when I walk out the back door to get in my car to go to work (all of about ten feet) I am sweating by the time I arrive to the car.

Hot and sticky. Two things that I am not excited about. Especially since it is only June. There is still July and August to get through.

Ick again.
Then, out of the blue, my nephew turned 15. Okay, it wasn't completely out of the blue. We've seen it coming for a while. He's been counting down the days. He is taller than I am now. That is slightly humiliating. He shaves too. What is that about? This baby to whom I fed his Very. First. Bottle. Ever while the sister-in-law was recovering from C section number three, now shaves and has a driver's permit.

I am looking for a nice walker.

Here is a picture of the 15 year old when he was only 14 (last week) playing ball.

This is him talking with the first base coach

And this is him batting.

For his birthday, I got him a commemorative UK2K basketball and took him to see the movie The A-Team. It was a great movie. Really! From beginning to end, it did not disappoint. Afterwards, I let him drive my car. Yes. I am the best aunt ever!!

The other thing I did last week was take my eldest brother (he really is an elder!!) out to Lantern Lane Farm in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee. He wanted to meet the owners and the horses too. Here is Earl with Dolly, the walking horse.

Dolly is not in some sort of undercover secret op group. She's just recovering from an eye infection. She wears this mesh "mask" to keep the dirt and flies out while she is in treatment. She's getting eye drops to clear up the infection.

Now... this week? I will be working out at Lantern Lane Farm getting things a little more organized. Fun, fun, fun!!!


jociegal said...

Great post :) We don't have that kind of humidity here in Oregon, but I have experienced it before on visits to the East Coast. It makes it hard to breath!! Hang in there :)

Bwdlake said...

Girl I wouldn't betalking! Im in Florida! ITS HOOOOOOTTTT!!!!


Mary said...

It is hot. I hope it's one of those "spells" people talk about and not an actual state of existence.

Kimberley said...

I love Dolly! I had a brown mare named Dolly and she was a superstar and I miss her dearly! Hope your Dolly heals quickly!