Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Just More Stuff

Last week, the maternal unit went to Arkansas to visit her sister. Every time we called, we were interrupting them from the same thing.


Shopping, shopping, shopping.

The maternal unit and the aunt are consummate shoppers. They look for and find wonderful bargains. These few days were no different.

What did they find, you ask? Stuff.

Just. More. Stuff.

More. Stuff. that would go in the yard.

More. Stuff. that would one day fill a garage sale.

More. Stuff. that we would have to move around to mow. Except the maternal unit actually has placed all the More. Stuff. around the fence, so it won't interfere with the mowing.

Of course, all the More. Stuff. has been relocated four or five times this week.

Now... I give you...

More. Stuff. (In no particular order)

This is some sort of iron butterfly. (Not the 70s rock group... they are a completely different topic for a completely different time) I am not sure what the purpose is for the iron butterfly sculpture thingy... except that it makes the maternal unit happy.

See that bird feeder in the background? That is another item. It has been relocated many a time and many a different height. The evil squirrels in my yard love it too. But again... another story for another time.

Look here. These are solar paneled lights. They come on after dark. They glow. They are all over the yard.

This is what they look like when they are glowing...

This is a gazing ball. It's green and made of glass.

It bears only slight resemblance to this gazing ball, which is silver. At least they are both round. They are not located in the same place in the yard.

This is a pretty and colorful banner. I don't mind it so much because I love cardinals (the bird... not the sports team from Kentucky... there is only one sports team from Kentucky, and it is more fearsome than a cardinal. But that is another story for another time.)

Cardinals remind me of my maternal grandfather. He used to paint pictures of them. He painted pictures of robins and blue jays too... but the cardinals were his best and my favorite.

Look!! A birdbath. We have like three or four of them throughout the yard.

Look... another one. There is one in the front yard too. I don't mind birdbaths so much. Mostly because I enjoy watching the birds frolick in the water. They are cute when they are flapping around in there.

The maternal unit paid a dollar for this piece of art. Why? Because it is broken. She probably hot glued that thing back together.

Iron bird house.

Look here... it's another sculpture. Isn't it precious? (Not to be mistaken for the Lord of the Rings reference to The Ring - although Golum might be lurking about the yard and we'd never see him. He's probably hiding in that concrete Japanese temple/house thing we have.)

Here's a cardinal. It is red. It did not come to us red. It came to us in its basest concrete form. However, the maternal unit hit it with a can of red spray paint.

And then, there was this little fellow... No yard would be complete without a frog on a mushroom. Or is this a toad on a toadstool? I cannot tell.

One little frog/toad would be lonely. So, apparently, he needed a friend. Apparently his friend needed a hat. Maybe this frog/toad is a girl. I kinda hope so. I would hate to see a boy frog/toad hanging out in the yard in this get up without any reason for it.

No yard would be complete without a planter in the shape of the female form.

Or a male one...

We are a patriotic family. We have the solar powered lights to prove it.

See... they glow after dark too.

I actually like these wire artsy things. We have three of them. This is elongated...

And this is more rounded.

You'd think we were a "green" family for all the solar operated stuff we now have in the yard. We aren't though. We just throw our garbage out with little heed to where it ends up. However, we do have this solar paneled flower. We have three or four of them. This is what they look like in the daylight.

This is the evening look. Everyone ooh and ahh or there may be heck to pay!!

Birds. Birds who are seeing no evil, hearing no evil and speaking no evil. I always thought it was monkeys who did that, but what do I know?

Forget welcome mats! We just go for welcome rocks!! (Complete with butterfly)

The final solar powered item... acrylic butterflies. We have three of them. They are not JUST solar powered... they are LED and change colors. I am not posting the different colors here... you will just have to trust me on that one.

Well. That's it for now. I'm sure I will be adding additional gems as they come about.


Mary said...

Dang! That's a lot of More. Stuff.

Just so you know...I ooh'd and ah'd in the appropriate place.

Cbell said...

Thanks Mary... I can always count on you!

Kimberley said...

That is, without a doubt, a lot of stuff!

t marie said...

I enjoyed the trip around your yard. It's like visiting a fantasy land with something new to see around every turn. It reminds me of some of my grandmother's ornamentalizations.

Mary said...

I love the iron butterful, but that is a lot of stuff.

DoarATAT said...

Bună Ziua !
Doamnei Cbell !
"Culeg" doar imagini !
Nu vorbesc engleza !
Dumnezeu să vă BineCuvânteze !
Hello, Mrs. Cbell! ~ "Gather" just pictures! Not speak English, God bless you! ~ Cornelius, :)