Friday, June 18, 2010

Scrubbing Bubbles

I don’t usually endorse products, but for the sake of a fun story, I will endorse this one. I am a fan of the Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel.

Okay. Actually, I am a fan of anything Scrubbing Bubbles. It started with the commercials first came out on television and I wanted my very own happy bubbles scurrying around my bathtub, toilet and bath sink. Those bubbles were just so darned cute!

Much better than thinking there was a little man in a rowboat hanging out in my toilet tank. Ick.

Anyway, I have been using the Scrubbing Bubbles for years now to clean my bathroom. So, when their new product came out, toilet cleaning gel, I was intrigued. On one of my forays to Wal-Mart to purchase household items, I grabbed one of these to try it out.

I loved it.

Not so much because it was really keeping my toilet bowl any cleaner than normal, but it did leave a wonderfully fresh and clean smell in my bathroom.

I think clean smelling bathrooms are essential.

I just bought my second gel stick and applied it to the toilet bowl… and learned a great lesson.

If one applies said gel mixture too close to the rim where the water flows into the toilet bowl when one flushes… one will be treated to dancing waters that would make the Bellagio in Vegas proud.

Or perhaps, one would have a custom made bidet.

Regardless… water will spurt right up out of the toilet bowl. I am happy to say I did not learn about this until after standing up… or I would have had quite the surprise!!

Thank you Scrubbing Bubbles. I feel so European now!


jociegal said...

I totally agree - this is some good stuff. My Mom introduced it to me in college and I have used it since.

t marie said...

It's better than a bidet. It also leaves YOU smelling fresh and clean.

Mary said...

Oooh! Scrubbing Bubbles are getting a little crazy there aren't they?

Too funny.