Saturday, January 30, 2010

BGM Haiti Relief Concert

On Thursday night, before the snow fell here in the middle Tennessee area, Brent Gambrell Ministries put together a benefit concert to raise funds to help with the continuing relief it is providing to the country of Haiti.

The People's Church in Franklin, Tennessee was kind enough to allow us to use their facility to host the concert. Gloria Green, of Gloria Green Entertainment (and who also serves on the BGM Board of Directors) put together quite an impressive line up.

I need to be studying right now. So, these pictures are really in no order, whatsoever.

Which is closely resembling my study pattern right now.

Here is Brent, speaking to the congregation.

JoDee Messina did a fabulous job.

Zach Johnson and his wife, Kim spoke for a few minutes. They are such a nice couple and they have supported BGM for a number of years. They were instrumental in helping get Brent and Mike into Haiti the day after the earthquake hit.

Ben Tankard was such a wonderfully nice man. He plays piano beautifully. This is a young artist he is helping to promote and she had just a beautiful voice.

Ben was, at one point, a professional basketball player. An injury cut his career short. However, the Lord is certainly using his talent in new ways.

Mike Wilson came out with his new daughter, Tia. She just turned five years old.. and she is quite a handful!!
Then Missy joined him onstage with their second daughter, Naika, who is seven years old. She and Tia were best friends at the orphanage in Haiti. Now, they will be sisters.

Here is the entire Wilson Family. They have three biological children: Dyllan, Lane and Eli, and two adopted daughters: Naika and Tia (just here from Haiti).

Here are Tia and Naika back stage with Uncle Chad. Naika is spelling her name and doing a very good job!

Brandon Heath (sporting a full beard) performed.

As did Southern Gospel artists, Legacy Five (but the piano player wasn't there... so it was just four of them)

Jared Anderson dedicated one of his songs to Katie Erie, who was in Haiti and interning at the orphanage where Tia and Naika lived.

Rick Loy, who was the host for the concert, interviewed Katie about the earthquake and the hours immediately following it.

Jaci Velasquez and her husband performed a couple of numbers.

Melissa Greene sang so beautifully. She really led out in worship. Aaron Loy and the 1101 Band played for her and it was a wonderful combination.

Aaron Loy and the 1101 Band began the night.

Brent was interviewed by local media (NewsChannel5) prior to the concert beginning.

In the Green Room with Mike Wilson, JoDee Messina and Brent Gambrell

Talking with Jaci and Steve Forrest (bass player extraordinaire)

He's my best friend.

I really am not sure that ANYONE was more excited than Steven Boo that Zach Johnson made an appearance at the concert.

Andrea Rial, Pam Case and Whitney King at the merchandise table.

At the beginning of the evening, we got a shot of the BGM staff with Zach and Kim Johnson.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Haiti Update: Mike and Tia's homecoming

So... after we learned that Mike and Tia were able to get seats on a private plane that was headed back to the states from Port Au Prince, there was much rejoicing in Hooville... and media contacts to make... and the realization that just because Mike and Tia were back on US soil, did not mean our relief efforts for Haiti would end.
They were just beginning.

We all went home and got a couple of quick hours of sleep in before waking up at about 4:00 a.m. to meet Mike, Brent and Tia at the airport. (Brent flew down in a private plane from Nashville that would pick up Mike and Tia and return with them... the plane was donated. God blesses the weary!) The local media was there in force as well as some 75 people or so.

Boy... is it dark at 4:30 a.m.!!!

Who are all these people?! They are the same crazies who would get up at the crack of dawn to show Mike and Missy some love! And to meet Tia.

Some of the local media interviewed Missy prior to the plane landing. I cannot imagine how early this people got up in order to be so put together at this time of morning. It makes my head hurt to think about it.

And then, they set up outside to be ready for when the plane landed

We pre-determined that only family members would meet the plane on the tarmac. The rest of the friends and family would stay inside the building. I wish I could have gotten closer... but no luck. Then I wished I had a zoom lens. That is next on my list of things to purchase.

After hugs with family on the tarmac... the Wilson family brought Tia inside where it was warm. (She's not quite prepared for 40 degree weather!)

Probably a little overwhelming to meet the brothers amongst the throng of well wishers. To our credit... we refrained from screaming and clapping. We let her enter the room in a hushed expectation.

She enjoyed her peppermint candy...

Brent talked with the media for a moment before praying over the Wilson family

Then we made it back outside to get Tia secured in her new carseat (a first for her) and Mike answered just a few questions from the media. After that, the crowd disbursed and the Wilson family spent the day reunited and getting to know each other.

Will continue to post and keep you updated. Go here to help:

Friday, January 22, 2010

Haiti Update: Jan 22

I know it has been some time since I posted. Sorry about that. Between all the activity in helping BGM ( and then realizing I was a week into college classes and had YET to crack a textbook open... and working... well... I'm just sorry. Here's what has happened since the last post:

Brent and Katie did make it back to Nashville safe and sound. They were met at the Nashville International Airport at about 10:00 p.m. with a crowd of family and friends and the media. I wish I had pictures... but I went straight from the BGM office to the airport, so no camera for me! That's okay though. It was just good to see them.

After many hugs and kisses and interviews with local TV news stations, we went straight back to the BGM office and brainstormed ideas of getting food to the babies still there, as their rations would be depleted by the following evening. We were able to update Brent on all the hard work the staff had done... we had food ready for delivery. We had helicopters that had agreed to drop the food at a specific place. We just needed to make sure it was going to reach the babies and not be mobbed before it could get there.

Sunday was another long day spent on the phones and collecting monetary donations as well as donations that people were bringing by the office. There were a couple of churches in the area that did blanket drives and we found ourselves with LOTS of blankets. We are VERY grateful.

I did remember to take my camera on Sunday. Here are some of the shots:
Here's what I call the Situation Room:

Everybody works their laptop and we keep CNN on in the background... I think the little computer server was not quite ready for us. It would start to drop us after a while.

This is the blackboard that holds the various phone numbers of friends who live in Haiti. On the night of the earthquake, everyone was doing their best to get through to any of the numbers.

This is just a glimpse at the number of volunteers who came out on Sunday to help us...

Here's Katie. Safe and sound back in the states after surviving the earthquake. It didn't matter how tired she was... she was going to be here and working to do what she could to get food to the babies... and to get Mike and Tia out of Haiti.

Here's some shots of the first day of supplies that have come in:


Then it was Monday. The BGM staff had been working diligently to get food to the babies. By our calculations, the situation would be critical. We had food on the ground, but we found the roads were no longer viable.

On top of all that, Mike still could not get Tia out of the country. He simply could not leave his daughter there. If he did... who knows when they could get her out of the country? They were just in front of a Haitian judge the week before the earthquake to finalize papers. But now, the US Embassy and State Department needed to get a plan in place to process these children. The frustrations were in how long it was taking them to get that plan in place.

Impromptu meetings would occur at any given time, and in any given place. At this point, we were learning that Mike and Tia were at the Embassy and it was looking good for them to get to leave the country. We were getting warily excited about the prospect of their return. We weren't quite jumping up and down at this point, but we were ready to.

See the pictures on the wall? From previous trips to Haiti. They go there about 8-10 times a year.

And yes... that is Brent with two phones. One at each ear. Missy is on her IPhone too. While I am a diehard Verizon girl, I will tell you the IPhone was the only way we could communicate with Mike while he was in Haiti. We were able to Skype him a couple of times, and some news organizations Skyped with Mike for interviews.

Mike has been given the green light to leave Haiti with Tia. They are on a shuttle from the Embassy that will take them to the airport where they will wait with a few hundred of their closest friends (they have never met) to board a military transport to return to the US.

And then... we learn... and it truly was only by the grace of God... that we know someone who knows someone (that happens alot) who is the pilot of a private plane that is on the runway in Port Au Prince ready to return to the states. He just happens to have a few seats available and if Mike can make his way to the plane, he can catch a ride.

Which is why Brent has two phones to his ears. One with the person in contact with the pilot in Haiti, and another with a contact in Florida/Nashville that can get Mike and Tia from Florida to Nashville. Missy is texting Mike in Haiti to tell him what plane to look for, etc.

So... more impromptu meetings occur, and phones calls get made...
(By the way... let's just say that when you answer the phone and it is the State Department calling... it is a little surreal)

All the while... Brent is still working the phone:
And finally, we get the news that they are on the plane and Missy can call her family members to let them know Mike and their new granddaughter are on the way home!!!

I will post soon the wonderful reunion. Keep checking for updates and how you can help!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

HAITI UPDATE: Saturday Night

We have good news and not-so-good news. The good news is that Brent and Katie were able to get on a military transport plane and get back to the states. They should be landing here in Nashville tonight at 9:00. The media will be present as well as our friends and family who just want to shower love on them both.

The not-so-good news is that Mike and Tia are still in Haiti. They were told to make their way to the US Embassy to get the paperwork to hopefully leave the country. By the time they got in the building, the office closed. However, they were told that Mike would not be able to leave with Tia. By this time, it was getting dark outside and they told him he would have to leave the building, because they could not allow a Haitian (5 year old Tia) to stay in the building.

In case you haven't noticed, Embassy official... Haiti after dark is not a safe place to be. Especially if you are a five year old girl traveling with an American man.

Finally, someone there allowed them to stay inside. Tia spent the night on a conveyer belt (the kind that you would see at an airport baggage claim) and Mike slept on the floor next to it. They were awakened at 4:30 this morning and told they had to leave the building.

They were able to get back in touch with Dr. Bernard, the man who runs the orphanage, and were able to finally get back to the Guest House, where the rest of the orphans are staying.

NBC Nightly News did a segment on their plight tonight. You can see it here:

The babies at the orphanage will be out of food by morning. We MUST have help! Please... please... try to contact your state senators/congressmen/anyone you happen to know in the State Department that can help us help these orphans. 75 percent of them are well into the adoption process. We just need to feed these babies (4 months to five years) and get them to safety.

Continue praying for Haiti and if you want to send support (100 percent of proceeds go to Haiti) please visit our site at:

or donate through any Regions Bank and use the BGM Haiti Relief Fund.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Haiti Update

It has been a long couple of days, but we are happily exhausted after learning that Brent and Mike were able to transport all the babies from the orphanage to a safe location. They have some supplies (one of the staffers crawled back into the Creche and retrieved some food supplies and a matress for the little ones to sleep on) and have shelter for the first time in a couple of days.

Mike has posted his thoughts on their adoption website at:

The Lord continues to do a great work in the midst of chaos and destruction. He used our ministry - and ABC News - to bring peace and joy to a family from Oregon who are adopting some of the children from the Creche. ABC was able to Skype Brent and the children to the family in Oregon, so they could see them and know they were alive and well. We were thrilled to see Brent. Here's the story:

We were able to actually skype for a few minutes with Katie and Tia as well. There were smiles all around the office.

Thank you to all the organizations who are lending assistance to this ravaged country. We are still accepting donations of medical supplies, etc. to be shipped down there. You can find a list of items we are collecting by going to the website:

You can also make donations through any Regions Bank. Simply ask to donate to the BGM Haiti Relief Fund. Be assured that 100 percent of every dime received will be going to relief efforts. BGM will not keep a dime for itself!!

There are a couple of bloggers out there who are helping raise awareness and funds in their own special ways. Let me encourage you to head over to The Pioneer Woman's website at as well as Savory Sweet Life at

Thank you again! Now... let's keep them covered and bathed in prayer and get them the help they need!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

UPDATE on Haiti news!!

We are SOOOOO happy to report that we were finally able to talk to Katie this morning! The orphanage has had some damage, but the Lord has kept both Katie and Tia safe! We are continuing to work to get relief to the orphanage. Please go to to help!

Help Needed for Haiti!!

Please be in prayer for the country of Haiti and the work that Brent Gambrell Ministries has been doing there for many years. As you know, a 7.0 earthquake struck near the city of Carrefour, which is close to Port Au Prince.

What you may not know, is that Mike and Missy Wilson's "daughter", Katie Erie, left last Monday for Carrefour, to do a six month internship at the orphanage where Mike and Missy are adopting a five year old girl named Tia. As of 1:00 a.m. on Wednesday, we have not been able to contact Katie or the orphanage where Tia is staying. You can only imagine how these parents are feeling knowing that their children are possibly in harm's way. But, we are trusting the Lord to be our Hope and Peace and give us the grace to move through the steps required to locate Katie and Tia.

We do know that the New Missions Team that is currently in Haiti is safe. We have received an email from Dr. Bernard, who runs the orphanage. He was slightly injured but is safe. He does not know the state of the orphanage at this time, but plans to set out at morning light to travel from Port Au Prince to Carrefour to see if there is any damage/injuries there. We are praying the Lord will give Dr. Bernard strength and wisdom and that God's little angels at the Creche are in good health and good spirits.

For the BGM staff, please be in continued prayer for them. Brent and Mike will leave for Miami tomorrow afternoon with hopes of getting into Haiti as soon as possible. We are still not certain of the condition of the airport in Port Au Prince. They are willing to go through the Dominican Republic or even get there by boat if possible! (Anyone out there with a private plane that can get them there?)

Please go to to see how you can assist us in getting relief materials to Haiti. You can make monetary donations through any Regions Bank. Simply make deposits into the BGM Haiti Relief Fund.

We also need medical supplies. Those can be sent to us at Brent Gambrell Ministries, 501 Metroplex Drive, Suite 112, Nashville, Tennessee 37211. A list of items needed can be found on the website.

Please also share this page or the Brent Gambrell website with your friends through Facebook, Myspace or Twitter. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much!

Monday, January 11, 2010

I Heart Faces - Happy Birthday

They are celebrating their first birthday at the I Heart Faces website. I am just celebrating my second post to their site! Happy Birthday to all at I Heart Faces.

This was taken on Christmas Eve. My older brother found this in his stocking. It was quite the conversation starter!

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