Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sunday afternoons...

Sunday afternoons are usually a time for napping, watching a sporting event, napping, doing laundry, napping, doing homework and, well, napping.

However, our family has decided to create a family time on Sunday afternoons. We will gather here at the homestead and enjoy, tolerate, berate, love, castigate, smack on each other and have a meal together as well.

This past week was our first gathering. It was also the 58th wedding anniversary of my parental units.

58 years. Together.


I thought I would throw down some photos of family time. These were not taken this week, but the previous week. It will be a good showing of times to come:

Look at that concentration! Fierce.

The Old Man still has some moves too.

Nana, Katy & Kristin - on the back porch

Katy talking to little Liam

Not sure that I like how big this one is getting

Momma to be

Like Father...

... Like Daughter

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