Sunday, February 27, 2011

Why does it HURT so much??

I had my gall bladder removed a few years ago. It was the first hospitalization I had ever personally had - and I was in my 40s. So, I thought that was pretty good.

The pain that led me to the doctor, which led me to the ER, which led to the x-ray and ultrasound and finally led to surgery was pretty bad.

I would have done it all again instead of the millisecond of a burn I sustained on my right thumb earlier this week.

I was getting a pan out of the oven and the oven towel slipped and for the most fraction of a second, my thumb made contact with a VERY hot pan.

But, I did not curse. I thought of curse words, but they did not come out.

And then... the pain.

Oh. The. Pain.

How could something that was such a short time inflict something that hurt so bad!?

So, I slammed it into a glass of ice water and the maternal unit told me I need to rub butter on it.

Then, I had a butter finger! Ha! Get it? OOOhh. I know. I'm too much.

Seriously, then I shoved it back in to the ice water and spent the next HOUR biting my lips and talking myself out of driving to the ER in order to have my thumb amputated, which I can assure you would NOT have hurt nearly as bad.


Mary said...

I hate burns. I've had some success with putting egg white on burns. It seems to help.

Kate said...

Ouch! Sounds awful and painful! I hope it is feeling better now!

strengthinme said...

I seem to constantly burn myself (im learning to cook), butter works for me but it always leaves little marks on my skin tho.