Sunday, June 11, 2006

Lucy & Ethel Argue Over Scientific Data

Lucy & Ethel are continuing their onslaught on the state of Florida. They have met with old friends and toured old stomping grounds. Lucy’s husband was at one time stationed at Patrick Air Force Base close to Cocoa Beach and the sisters planned a day to tour that area of the state and see the Atlantic Ocean.

Lucy called home to get directions to her old house and her hubby… reminded her to simply turn left at the NCO club. Apparently in “Ricky’s” mind… nothing would have changed on an Air Force Base in… oh, say… 40 years or so. The homestead was never located… but a good time was had and Lucy & Ethel were impressed by the temporary housing at Patrick, and will no doubt, plan another trip there.

Ethel called one morning for an update and let me know that they had been on the lookout for alligators. Apparently their accommodations were close to a body of water, and they kept their eagle eyes peeled for such an opportunity. Whilst on the phone with me, Ethel just knew that she had indeed finally spotted a gator. However… it turned out to be a duck. How one can mistake a duck for an alligator is a little beyond me. But, she was going to make the best of it… trying to get her camera ready and hoping that the duck bobbed back under the water so that she could get a clean shot of her “gator”.

I wonder how Lucy & Ethel ever made it out of high school or college… what with apparently not doing well in biology (I mean, come on… a duck looks like a gator?) and probably not scoring high marks in physical science either.

Ethel talked Lucy into purchasing bottled water and freezing them each night in the small fridge/freezer combo of their condo. This would travel well in their (I am sure) matching rainbow backpacks and they would not be forced to spend $15 for a bottle of water in one of the theme parks. Ethel had quite the road to climb though in order to get Lucy to agree to the purchase of the water. Remember now that Lucy has an aversion to paying good money for something she thinks should be free, and now add to it her own warped view of science.

Apparently one cannot freeze water in a bottle for the fear of it bursting.

Yes. That’s right. Freezing water will burst/explode/erupt.

Must be why there has been that onslaught of exploding freezers across the country lately. All that frozen water going haywire!

Probably why new freezers make their own ice... because attempting to freeze water in old-fashioned ice trays are hazardous to your health.

Makes you wonder how all those horse-drawn ice trucks at the turn of the century ever managed.

Maybe Lucy was getting her ice bursting thoughts from remembering that metal expands when heated. Or… from the fact that water pipes can burst in the winter. Who knows how to interpret the minds of Lucy and Ethel? The most discerning scientists would never even dare.


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