Monday, June 05, 2006

Lucy & Ethel at Gay Pride Week

Lucy & Ethel are learning quite a few things whilst adventuring in Orlando, Florida this week... mainly they are learning that their timing may have been a little off. Apparently it is Gay Pride Week in Orlando, and many same-sex couples have headed that way to share the Disney experience with each other.

Lucy & Ethel are sisters... but you might not know that to look at them. Which means they are receiving their share of curious looks from the hetero community while no doubt being embraced by the homosexual patrons.

I learned this from a phone call during Day Two of the adventure. My aunt highlighted her driving skills ("I'm driving this minivan just like my VW Bug... U-turns, cutting over three lanes of traffic! You know... if you just pull out in front of someone, they'll stop") My mother apparently has YET to figure out how to work the seat belt, as she has once again attempted to exit the vehicle with it securely locking her in place. Then again, my aunt had already locked the van, so not only could my mother not get out of the seat itself, but was rather confused at her inability to exit the vehicle at all! More laughter and panty-wetting ensued!

Lucy & Ethel have a bad habit of dressing alike on occasion. They both had red shirts in their bags, and so they chose to wear them on Sunday. They finally made it to their destination to purchase tickets to various Orlando hotspots and sat down to plan their strategy... what day they were going to which location, etc.

A nice gentleman sat down close to them and noticed all the maps, tickets, and brochures that lay about as they were planning their Orlando takeover, and began a conversation. At some point, I suppose it became obvious that Lucy & Ethel were indeed sisters, and not lovers, and he let them in on a little secret he felt they needed to know: It was "Wear a Red Shirt If You're Gay Day" in Orlando.

My mother was appalled and declared they would be returning to their hotel so she could change shirts. My aunt, the budding entrepreneur, figures they can wear their red shirts and get additional discounts at the condo and restaurants that evening.


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