Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Lucy & Ethel Can't Start the Car...

You'd never know it to look at them, but keys are essential to everyday life. Where would we be without our house key... an office key... a car key? Locked in or out of said places.

Back in the pioneer days, huge bolts were fashioned across the home's door, or the barn door, to keep loved ones in and ravaging raiders or ferocious animals out. As a young child we watched "Paw" lock "Mary Ingels" up tightly every night.

Skeleton keys made their way into culture not far thereafter, but I am not certain how well they worked. Couldn't a skeleton key open anything another skeleton key could open? If so, my skeleton key would fit the door of my neighbor's house? Where is the logic in that?

My grandparents had a few furniture pieces that are operated with skeleton keys. A china cabinet and breakfront. Perhaps that is where the confusion has set in for Lucy and Ethel. The sisters are continuing their Orlando adventure, even as I type, and I called yesterday to check on them.

My aunt proudly proclaimed there was nothing unusual to report. Things had gone smoothly. They had not gotten lost as they ventured from the condo to Sea World, where they have watched all the shows... and were going to a luau that evening. I fretted because there would be nothing new to post today and there are so many people who are now depending on their antics to lessen the monotony of their days.

My aunt attempted, unsuccessfully, to explain her dyslexia to me (north is south, left is right... etc) I told her that I didn't think I could make an entry out of that and was therefore determined not to write anything this morning.

I left my cell phone in my car last night, and so I missed their evening call. Apparently the times they are a-changing... or apparently Lucy and Ethel were operating on the assumption that like some nightshirts I've seen "one size fits all". It is not true in this day and age. No matter how hard you try... and Lucy & Ethel can now attest to this fact first hand... you cannot operate a Dodge Caravan by utilizing a Ford truck key.

Nope. It. Just. Won't. Happen. No matter how hard you try... no matter if the key will actually fit in the ignition. It will not work.

Let's forget the fact that the Ford truck key is a completely DIFFERENT shape. Let's forget that the Dodge Caravan key itself has the alarm buttons built in it. Apparently the fact that they are both black held some confusion. They figured it out... and were back on the way.

Apparently the seat belt confusion is over.


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