Saturday, February 12, 2011

Just a Game??

I have the best of friends. I really do. On Thursday, in the midst of the snow here in

Coach Calipari and Doron Lamb
Tennessee, I got a text from my friend Missy. She had two tickets for me if I wanted them - to go to the Kentucky/Vanderbilt basketball game in Nashville.

I'm a Kentucky fan. Did you know? Missy knew. She's a rock star in my book now. A Complete Rock. Star. So is her son Eli, who was the actual initial recipient of the tickets. I am just glad that he really did not want to go to that game.

So, I got to go. I took my older brother. This will undoubtedly cause problems with my younger brother. But I figure it is payback for the fact that he went to Lexington and was at the 2000th basketball win at Kentucky. Did I get an invite to that? No. No, I didn't.

Paybacks really do stink at times.

At any rate... the seats were GREAT! We were seated right next to the Vandy student section... and that was loud. But the people who were in our closest proximity were pretty nice to us. There were hecklers around that were a little hateful, but we just tried to ignore them.

I got to take my camera in, so I thought I would share a few with the three people who read this blog:

Terrence Jones - warming up

Really wish I had a faster shutter speed to get these shots a little clearer

Gotta love this team!!

Tip Off

Coach Cal - right after the technical was called on Liggins. I agree with Cal - it was a bad call

Brandon Knight (12) and Terrence Jones (3) bringing the ball up the court

Time to huddle up. It's too bad we lost this game. But, it is always great to see this team play!


Cara said...

I feel so lucky to be one of the three. ;)

Mary said...

I'm signing in as one of the three. I have read, and approve of, this post.

I love your love of KY.