Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thoughts at One in the Morning.

1. Why am I still awake at this time of night? Because it has snowed, which means I don't have to worry about getting to work on time. I will make it to work at some point, but I have no idea when. If tonight's traffic is any indication, I might get to work by Noon. I have friends who were stuck in traffic for more than four hours... just trying to travel 35 miles. Welcome to middle Tennessee.

2. I was not stuck in traffic. The snow started at my office at about 3:15. They were tiny flakes, and I did not think it was going to be a problem. Within 15 minutes, the ground was starting to get covered and so were the roads. So, I got on the road with the hopes that I could get in front of the storm and still travel the back roads. Why? Because I knew the main roads were going to be packed and I did not want to sit in my car for four hours.

3. I am grateful that I was able to beat the snow home. Which I did. My drive was about an hour, and I was very happy for that.

4. I rarely get lost. I get this from my father I think. If I get a little turned around, I will just keep driving until I see something familiar. It usually works out. And... I usually find another little side road or adventure.

5. Roads are adventurous. Food is not. I don't really want adventure in my food. I have never thought about octopus and wondered what it would taste like. The same thing with beef tongue. Or liver. Some parts of the animal just don't need to be eaten. And some animals just don't seem like they should be eaten either. Like octopus.

6. I love Kevin Kline. He is quirky and fun and a wonderful actor.

7. I saw a few minutes of a new television show tonight: Mr. Sunshine. I forgot that it was premiering tonight and so it had already started when I got around to turning to that channel. I really liked what I saw. F-U-N-N-Y. Seriously funny. I am going to go find it on ABC and see if I can get the entire episode.

8. I had homemade chili tonight. It was wonderful. It may be why I am still awake. Or I could still be awake because I am blogging right now.

9. My I-pod appears to have died. This makes me very, very sad. I hooked it up to my computer and I got nothing. Not. A. Thing.

10. I can't think of anything else to say, but I didn't want to end with number nine. Now, I can officially go to sleep.

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Mary said...

That happened to Kris' I-pad one time and there was some sort of fix. Like let it sit for a while, shake it three times with one foot off the ground and facing toward Seattle, chant something about being delivered from the god of microsoft and eat a macintosh apple upside down. I think that was it. Seriously though, it came back on later.