Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Great Friends!!

I love having those people in my life that I can go without speaking to one-on-one for a year and then pick right back up and catch right back up with over great food in a great restaurant.

I did that tonight. I had dinner with my friend, Pam Case. (shown below)

I conned Pam into dinner in an effort to help me out with a paper I have to write in my Organizational Communication class. I have to interview two people in management and Pam was the first person I called.

Okay, I texted. The sad thing was that I had not talked with Pam in some time and so I texted to her old phone number. I have no idea who has that number now, but they didn't respond. Probably because they had no idea who I was. Then I tried to Twitter Pam. I did this because she is the Twitter Queen! But I didn't hear from her on that end. So, I finally emailed her through Facebook and she let me know that she had a new number and we worked out the details for dinner tonight.

We met at Amerigo in Nashville at 6:00. I love Amerigo. It is one of my favorite places to eat. Did my dinner meet with my diet restrictions? HECK NO!!! But, I did pass on the dessert, though it pained me to do so.

Pam and I had a great time catching back up with each other. Then I pulled out a tape recorder and interviewed her for my paper. That took about 30 minutes. Then I turned my tape recorder off and we talked some more.

We left the restaurant at a little after 10:00. Our waitress was tired of refiling out tea glasses, so she took off at about 9:30. It was also a little after Pam's husband texted her to make sure she was still alive and kickin'! Surely to goodness she hadn't been sitting in a restaurant for four hours.

Hey... at least we stopped eating by about 7:00! We did pretty good.

Good Friends + Good Food = Good Times!!!

And hopefully a Good Grade!


Pam said...

Hey gal! It was a blessing to catch up tonight. And without that text from my hubby, I'd probably sit four more hours. What a great time. I cherish our friendship and how we 'pick right up'. Truly what friendships are all about! Love you! And hope that paper brings you an A++++++

Mary said...

That sounds very nice. I love evenings like that. Glad you had one and I hope you have more.