Thursday, September 10, 2009


There are not a lot of Broadway musicals that I have not seen. Wicked was one of them.

Was. Past tense.

Tonight I experienced Wicked. I did not simply view it or watch it or even go to it. I experienced it.

From the beginning of tonight's performance at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center to the cast's final bow, I was enthralled with this production. Each element of the experience is one to be shared with your friends and family. Okay, fine. Share it with strangers! Just Go.

The vocal abilities of every single actor was strong. I cannot remember the last time I saw and heard a show where there wasn't at least one vocalist you could find fault with. That was not the case in tonight's performance. From Ga-linda (with a Guh) to Elphaba and even the smaller role of Nessa... the vocal strength and range was more than impressive. It was astounding. I found myself wondering how the cast would cope with middle Tennessee pollen, but there was seemingly no problem.

The costuming was timely and appropriate for the cast. The set moved smooth as silk. It was effortless.

I was a complete newcomer to Wicked. While I had read the book, I had not seen the musical nor did I know any of the music. I worried that it may become tedious. That was far from the case. The music was beautifully complex and well-written. The harmonies were perfection. The only possible negative aspect was a problem with mixing the vocals during some of the bigger, full cast numbers.

For all that... I am sold on Wicked. Find a way to see this show. Go now. Pay the money. You will be so glad you did!

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Mary said...

I know nothing about Wicked. The title sort of keeps me from wanting to like it. I'll have to find out more.