Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Terrapins... the other white meat

... and then, there is my friend Requelle. She has berated me on my previous post. She apparently lives with the horrible idea that I should beware of turtles.


Of Turtles.

She says this because she hails from Maryland. The University of Maryland has a mascot that is... wait for it.

A turtle.


Because NOTHING puts fear into the hearts of man like that of the fighting Turtle.

I think I'll name him Myrtle.

It fits.


Requelle said...

two words, cathy bell. two. words.

Mary said...

I still think that's better than the mascot of the high school just north of my hometown. Colon Michigan (magic capital of the world) is the proud home of the fighting Magi. They're mascot is a white rabbit being pulled from a top hat by its ears. Oh...there is so much wrong about all of that.