Saturday, September 05, 2009

These Boots Are Made For Walkin'...

I own a pair of lace-up ropers. Did you know that about me? It does not really fit my typical shoe mold. I purchased them for a specific reason and I made a friend of mine who had lots of years of horseback riding/working cattle help me pick them out.

See, I wanted to take horseback riding lessons. I have always loved horses. ALWAYS. I never owned one because when I was little we moved from base to base because my father was in the military. When we finally settled, we really did not have the means or the acreage to host a horse. But that did not mean I gave up my love of these magnificent animals.

Finally, I determined that I would take horseback riding lessons. My first instruction was to purchase a pair of boots that had a heel on them. I was pretty sure my four inch black knee boots were not going to work. So... I hit my very first country and western gear store to find a pair of cowboy boots.

I apparently do not have the ability to wear cowboy boots. I have pretty large feet for a girl and I just could not cram them into pull on cowboy boots. My friend then introduced me to ropers. These boots were great! I could cram my feet in them and then lace them right up as tight or loose as I wanted.

I survived all my horseback riding lessons. I survived a six hour bona fide trail ride (even thought my jeans did not) and when all was said and done... I retained my ropers.

I have not had a need of them over much these past few years. I will pull them out occasionally and wear them. I have friends with horses that I have been able to visit more lately. I have really enjoyed going out and petting the babies and spending time with my friends.

The other night, I was there with a group of people who I am taking a digital photography class with. I knew there would be much walking about. Therefore, I decided that it would be a good time to pull the ropers out of my closet and wear them for the day. I discovered something rather odd.

I walk differently when I am wearing ropers.

I am wondering if it is my inner cowgirl trying to come forth.

I would think this... except that I am not a cowgirl. Really. Not. One.

But I do walk differently. My stride is longer. It is almost a more confident stride. It borders upon a swagger.

I have never swaggered in my life. Unless you consider a few parties I attended, okay... hosted, in college.

No... that wasn't so much a swagger as stumbling.

So. I'm thinkin' I'll be wearing those ropers a little more often.

Maybe I'll catch me a cowboy! :)


Mary said...

I believe I've seen you in your ropers. I didn't take note of your swagger, but you can believe if I ever see you in them again...I'll be paying attention.

Erica said...

I have a pair just like them...and also a RED pair!! I had a cowgirl phase myself in my late teenage years and wore them quite often in hopes of roping a cowboy! ;-)