Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hello Dalai?

I have lived my life in the south. I have grimaced at the people who surround me when they say less-than-intelligent things. I myself, have said less-than-intelligent things. It always amazes me that in a time of crisis a news station truck will locate the most unappealing southern person to put on the air and give an explanation of a news event. That person may be wearing a stained tank top and missing a tooth or two.

But now… we’ve brought the Dalai Lama to the south. Memphis to be exact. What did the mayor of Memphis do to welcome him?

Fist bump.

Who knew that when Mr. and Mrs. Obama greeted each other this way that the ramifications would be so far-reaching?

The only thing that could top the fist bump is if you greet him in some less-than-noble way. But, this is a mayor… he won’t succumb to that pressure, right? What did he say to welcome the Tibetan spiritual leader?

“Hello Dalai”.


Thanks Mayor Lowery.


Erica said...

Hello Dalai...hilarious. Unrelated, but it reminds me of someone that was in Louisville last week:

Mary said...