Saturday, October 24, 2009

Just doing the stuff...

So... it has been a good week this week. I should be writing a paper right now, but... I'm posting a blog instead.

I really need to finish the paper. And other homework too. But, it has been such a pretty day... and I've had a lot going on. So, I PROMISE... I will get that stuff done soon.

I swear.
This is where I am really hopeful that neither of my professors reads my blog...

But today was a little bit busy. My friend Requelle and I attended the funeral of a very kind and special man... Curtis Poteete. Curtis attended Two Rivers Baptist Church with me and for many years he helped with the animals when we produced the Passion Play. He was such a character and so much fun to be around. I always loved to see Passion Play roll around because I knew I would be working with Curtis Poteete and Don Roney. Curtis was great with the camels... but he also always led in the white horse at the end of the production.

Curtis has been having problems with his heart and I am told was on a list for a transplant. Unfortunately, his heart transplant did not occur... but Curtis has been transported from this world into glory. The service today was a sweet time. I thought at one point that it would have been fitting to have a white horse hanging out in the lobby. I have a feeling Curtis has stepped right up to the Lord's stables and is giving those magnificent creatures a good rub down.

Speaking of horses... I left the funeral and found it fitting to go out to Lantern Lane Farms and help set up for their annual fall festival. Of course, Requelle came out and helped as well. There was plenty of food and horrible bluegrass music from Ralph's Iphone (thanks Ralph!) and they were planning a hay ride for later in the evening. (I had to leave in order to finish this paper that I haven't finished yet!)
Here are some shots of the festivities:
This is Scooter and Apostrophe. They are BFFs.

Here's Requelle getting the food organized...

Here is the cook fire! We roasted dogs and marshmallows here. And kept warm since it's getting a mite chilly in the evenings.

Mite chilly. I'm talkin' like a girl who likes bluegrass.

'Cept I don't.


There was a friendly game of horseshoes going on...

And I thought this tree was really pretty. So I took a picture of it.

Then I wanted to take a close-up picture of Requelle... and it took about three minutes because she kept laughing!!! Seriously.

And she should thank me for NOT posting the picture I WANTED to post.

Yeah... who's your friend, Requelle? I am.

After all that time... I finally got this shot:

And this is a great way to end a fine evening... with a horse grazing in front of a cabin!

Ahh... you know its fall when you come home smelling like you've been standing in front of a campfire.


Requelle said...

go ahead and post them. i expected it anyway :~) it was good to hang with you today. i miss laughing like that.

Mary said...

Sounds like you guys had a good time. I love the food and festivities of fall.