Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Two Days to Go...

Well, things are moving right along here at Wedding Central. The Bride is on her way to recovery and today was a day for relaxing and pre-planning and making lists.

Oh My!

Lucy and Ethel made a run into the Boro to purchase music for a piano student of my aunt's. They had a few other errands to run while they were there and had a fine time with each other.

The cousin and I sat in the sun on the front steps and... wait for it... painted our toenails.

That's right, ladies and gents... painting toenails! It was great fun and the fact we did this whilst sitting on the front step in our PJs and before taking a shower.

The neighbors loved us.

So did the little old ladies from the Senior Citizens house down the street.

... And the people walking around the track. Especially when the cousin had a cramp in her thigh and screamed like she was being murdered. We were quite the entertainment!

Afterwards, the cousin and I sat down and made a semi-game plan for the decorations that we will set up on Thursday. We are the kind of people who will really get things together after we arrive at the venue.

We're fun like that.

More to come...

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