Friday, October 02, 2009

Just a Week Away

We are officially one week from The Wedding! I thought I would start some sort of countdown here. There are many things to do and all those last minute details to finish. We have LOADS of stuff still heaped up in the music room here (yes, I have a room in my house that is "the music room"). Bride's gown, Maid of Honor Gown, flower girl dresses and shoes, hot glue gun, silk flowers, bubbles, communion supplies, lions and tigers and bears, Oh My!

Okay. Not really on the Lions and Tigers and Bears. That was just me being funny.

Did you laugh?

On my agenda for today... decorate the flower girl baskets and study/take a test for my ORCO class. The test is due next weekend. But, let's face it. That would just be CRAZINESS. So, I will study the text and take the test tonight, whilst it is still fresh in my noggin'.

I hope I retain something for the final.

I have added pearls onto the flower girl baskets. I'm trying to decide if it needs ribbon as well. I will confer with the bride and get back with you. The gossamer that we will be using to decorate for the reception arrived yesterday. Brown and green. I am tres excited about that.

More supplies arrive on Monday. Along with the Aunt and Cousin.

The photographer that is doing the engagement/wedding pictures is Carla Lynn. She's fabulous. She took the picture that is at the top of the page. For more information on her work, check out

More later...

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Mary said...

So cute! Love the picture. Haven't checked her site yet but will.

Crazy days getting ready for a wedding. And think we did it, it's over, they are married, the cake is destroyed, the clothes are wrinkled and the last soda can has fallen off the getaway car, we're done. But you're not. You have to clean stuff up. I hate that part.