Monday, October 19, 2009

The First Weekend - Post Wedding!

So... this weekend was a huge amount of fun! I started out working with my friends at Lantern Lane Farm (I get credit for my class on that). There is nothing like volunteering for friends who are getting their non-profit organization off the ground, getting class credit and then having them fix you breakfast!

Thanks Ralph and Joni!

Then went back home to await the arrival of my aunt and uncle (spending the night before heading to NC) and my niece and new nephew-in-law (fresh from the honeymoon). I should have done some studying... but there were so many people around and Gerard Butler was hosting Saturday Night Live.

I just HAD to stay awake.

Kristin & David brought over their wedding pictures that were taken by the lovely and talented Carla Lynn of Carla Lynn Photography. Here are a few.

On Sunday I went to brunch/lunch with Heidi and Lou Ann. KatyBell (all one word) came along and we just had a great time hanging out and eating too much food and celebrating Heidi's 33rd birthday.


Then, I made Katy come and pose for some pictures for me. Why? Because I was going to be taking engagement pictures of some people I had never met before.

Katy was a pro:

Then, I met Kathryn and Chett. Kathryn spells her name like me, but with a K. That makes her even more special! Here are a few of those pictures:

These would never have happened without Wanda Dulaney (the director) and Kaylie Dulaney (the self-proclaimed Fashionista). They rocked!!!

I just took the pictures. But it was a great weekend!

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Mary said...

I looked at your pictures on facebook, but I'll say here...great job!