Sunday, October 04, 2009

Saturday/Sunday Before the Wedding

Saturday started off very well. The maternal unit and I had to head to the Boro in order to purchase a gift for Kristin's final shower... lingerie... that was that afternoon.

But first... we needed to stop off at Macaroni Grill with my camera so we could snap a quick picture of the bridesmaid's luncheon. Not everyone could be there, but it appeared that they were having a grand old time!

So, the maternal unit and I finished our purchases and ran a few more errands and returned to the homestead where I found I had made an A on my mythology paper.

Yeah me!

Oh wait. This is a blog about the bride-to-be and the countdown to the big day! Back to her.

We headed to the bridal shower and found that we got there WAY early and sat and visited with the other young ladies who were there early as well. There was some discrepancy in the actual time... but that is probably what happens when you put together a shower, but never actually send out invitations! It was a lingerie shower... can you tell?

There were games to be played and laughter and food and just generally a lot of good times! Then the bridal party headed out to Nashville to dance away for a bachelorette party. I am told there was much fun there as well. I will have to believe it, since I KNOW better than to head downtown with a bunch of girls in their 20s!

That, plus I knew I had to get up on Sunday and go to church and borrow some things from the costume room in order to pull of the reception area, which I am decorating!

So, the mother of the bride and the groom to be came out and we loaded up some materials and drove through the rain back to Wedding Central (the name I have given Casa de Bell) and unloaded everything back out.

At least I don't have to explain myself like this:

Ahhh... bridal shower games! There's nothing like 'em.

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Mary said...

Sounds fabulous. I love showers and parties and girl stuff. I wish I had a girl.