Saturday, October 31, 2009

Lantern Lane Farm

I know... you've seen the pictures, but let me explain a little bit about Lantern Lane Farm.

This is a great non-profit organization out in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee. My friends Ralph and Joni Cook own and operate it. There is a log house on the property that has just been named The Selah House at Lantern Lane. It is a place for rest and renewal of the body, soul and mind. We are working on the brochure for the house as well as the counseling services that Ralph provides (he is a licensed counselor).

Here are a few shots of the photo shoot I took on Friday before the rains came:

Here's Riley and Cindy, the two cutest boxers around.

This is Lindsey. She is one of our volunteers. She comes out on Fridays and works with the horses and helps with the feeding/grooming, etc. Lantern Lane would be nowhere without the help of all the volunteers! There are six full-size horses, three minis and a couple of donkeys. It is a lot of work, which is why the volunteers are soooo appreciated and loved!

Here, we are showing how the counseling/therapy sessions go. The counselor and the client (Lindsey is playing the part for the photo's sake... she's not a client. I wouldn't put a client picture up without their approval first) work together to set up an obstacle course for the horse. Each object represents an obstacle in the person's life. Once the course is set, the client walks the horse through the course...

After leading the horse, the client would spend some time talking with Ralph about what those obstacles in their course represented and how to overcome those obstacles.

The other part of Lantern Lane Farm is the Selah House at Lantern Lane. It is a log house at the back of the property that is available for rental. It is really designed as a retreat for those people who need to get away. It has been rented for families who are vacationing in the area. But there are small groups that have used it as well. I know of a ladies' Bible study group that spent a weekend there and there have been a number of pastors and their families who have utilized it to recharge their spiritual batteries. That is the true purpose behind Selah House.

There was just a Board of Directors meeting this morning and are planning the first event for Lantern Lane Farm. On December 19 from 2-4pm, we will have Christmas at Lantern Lane Farm. There will be an area for people to have family photos made as well as hot chocolate and an hourly rendition of the Christmas story. There were be some live acoustical music and a bonfire.

So... mark your calendars now and plan to join us on December 19!

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Mary said...

That sounds like a very cool place. I would like to check it out at some point. Next time you go, give me a call...I live in Mt. Juliet, maybe I can tag along.