Friday, August 28, 2009

Grilling Observations

So... I decided that I would venture into the heat and humidity of the day in order to grill chicken. Yes, Brent, I grilled chicken. ME. A Woman. In the grilling area!

For those three people who read this blog, let me 'splain. My friend Brent has forever deemed that women were not allowed in the grilling area. Not. Allowed. The only time a woman is allowed in the grilling area, per Brent and various other male figures in my life, is if they are bringing grilling utensils to the men folk or are wiping the brow of the studly men what are cooking the meat over the open fire. It's a little chauvinistic, but for me it has been true for many years.

Until now. Now I AM in the grilling area. I am the grill master. Okay, I am the grill mistress... but that almost sounds a little dirty.

I purchased a charcoal grill for my father for Father's Day. Why? Because that is what he asked for. Has he used it? Not. One. Time. Many years back I purchased him a small gas grill. He used it once, I think. That should have been my first clue that the charcoal grill would not see much action. Since I did not want to waste the money, I determined to put the grill to use myself. Here are some observations from the grilling area:

1) When lighting a pile of charcoal, one should begin lighting towards the back of the grill. That way, when you realize you have lit the front and you attempt to light the far end, you will not burn yourself. You will probably only do this once, as you will learn your lesson quickly.

2) If you see one portion of the coals are not lighting and decide to blow the flames toward that area, you want to be careful not to stick your face too close to the coals when you blow. Charcoal is a funny little substance. It may shower you with bright and pretty sparks. You will move away quickly and will be grateful that you did not catch fire. (Not that I'm speaking from personal experience here. It's just common sense. Yep. That's what it is.)

3) If you use a cookie sheet to place your "hot-off-the-grill" meat/chicken/fish/pork, you will not want to put your hand directly under the sheet. That hot off the grill meat really IS quite hot. You'll burn your hand and then almost drop the food you have spent quite some time cooking. It is lively entertainment as you are juggling food, utensils and a hot sheet.

There will be other points to determine I am sure. Stay tuned!


Mary said...

Maybe your the Grill Maven.

I would like to grill. We don't have one of those. I'm thinking next splurge we go on...we pick one up.

Sean and Heather said...

At our house the grill is MINE not Sean's but MINE!!! All of the grill toys are MINE!!! I LOVE to grill and DO NOT share my grill w/ anyone!